The lead up to Miss Cooly Rocks On!

Early last week I was ecstatic to find out I had been selected as one of 12 lucky finalists competing in the upcoming Miss Cooly Rocks On pageant. This pageant makes up just a small part of the Cooly Rocks On festival, which runs from May 30 to June 9 in Coolangatta. This will be my first year attending the festival and I am super dooper excited to say the least! This year, the entrants of the pinup comp were asked to submit a video as  part of their entry. Last year the poor judges were faced with a very tough decision picking from photos of the girls involved and hoped that this year, the videos may help them in their decision. I have always had an interest in video and editing so making a video was lots of fun! From what they said though, it still wasn’t an easy job. Hence my excitement to find I was one of the lucky ladies. It’s always disappointing that not all entrants can take part though. I’m hoping I will still get the chance to catch up with my pinup friends, regardless of whether they are actually taking part in the comp! As the pageant quickly approaches, I’m currently planning the last little bits and pieces for my outfits which is exciting! Five outfits over two days: It’s lucky I’ve been shopping a lot (too much) of late! I’d give you a little peek…but I’d better keep it a secret until this time next week 😉 If you haven’t seen it already, here’s my video entry! [youtube]   Hope to see you there! Saturday June 7, 6:30PM Start in the Cooly Rocks On Marquee. You can purchase your tickets here: LOVEFROM__ LL_Signature_Gif_CROP

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