Sardinia Shoes – Charlie Stone

Though my social media may lead you to believe I am some sort of vintage glamazon, truth be told, I will always choose comfort where possible! Heck, I was wearing black bonds underwear under my gorgeous vintage wedding dress which I feel speaks for itself.

But, good news: Comfort doesn’t have to come at the cost of style. Charlie Stone shoes are walking proof!

I was excited when I discovered Australian brand Charlie Stone shoes, especially given my fun foot troubles in 2018.

As a runner and a dancer, my feet aren’t the biggest fan of me and the treatment I put them through. I’ve spent the better part of 2018 nursing a stress fracture and other ongoing podiatry issues. Heels haven’t been my best friend during this time, so cute flats have become essential.

LucyLuxe_byDavidGatt_L (10)

Charlie Stone’s mission is to “make elegance effortless, every single day” and the brand was born when owner and designer Samantha Szetu wanted to create a shoe that would accommodate the physical stress placed on the feet and knees of dancers.

The brand aims to arm women with a “balance of vintage class and modern design” so they are set to conquer the world in style, all while still feel comfy.

LucyLuxe_byDavidGatt_L (1)

As a woman who was guilty of buying pair after pair of $8 Kmart flats, I now appreciate the design features in a shoe which though may come with a larger price tag, will ensure my feet feel fab.

Charlie Stone has done the leg work and built in the following design features to ensure your tootsies always feel terrific:

*Unique flat design with hidden elevation for better arch, ankle and knee support
*Custom cushioned insole
*Soft genuine leather upper and lining
*Flexible and durable bottom soles for prolonged wear
*Comfortably positioned low ankle strap

I was super excited when my pair of white Sardinia’s arrived. I tried to choose something a little different for me and a pair of white flats was on my need list. The shoes were beautifully packed in a cute canvas draw string bag and I was blown away by the quality craftsmanship from the moment I opened the box and was greeted with the aroma of luscious leather.

LucyLuxe_byDavidGatt_L (19)

The Sardinia style features:

*Genuine leather upper (‘snakeskin’ style texture) and lining
*Smooth man made sole
*Soft cushioned insole
*25mm internal heel elevation, 10mm external heel.

The Sardinia style retails for $169.00 AUD and can be purchased here.

I am an Australian ladies size 8 or European size 39 and the 39 in this style fit me like a glove…or a shoe rather! I was a little concerned as I think my foot is ever so slightly on the wider side but these couldn’t have been a better fit.

Check out the Charlie Stone size chart to asses what size would be best suited to your soles.

These shoes were comfortable from the very second I put them on. I wore them for over an hour while shooting and experienced zero rubbing and came out unscathed and completely blister free (which is often rare when breaking in a new pair of beauties!) I was actually blown away!

I have failed to mention at this point just how flipping adorable these are too! I’m picky with flats (I hate when you can see your toe webbing and look somewhat like an aquatic creature of sorts) but looking down at these on my feet I just couldn’t help but grin. Charlie Stone is definitely hitting their mission bang on.

LucyLuxe_byDavidGatt_L (2)

I am so happy with both the impeccable quality and style of my first pair of Charlie Stone shoes, I deeply suspect this will most certainly not be my last pair! I may need every style and colour at this rate.

Do yourself (and your feet) a favour & check out the rest of the Charlie Stone range on their website!


Lucy Luxe does Viva Las Vegas! Part 3: Final 6 Announcement & Pinup Posse goes International

Today is my birthday! Which is an exciting day, for a cake lover like myself! But it’s also got me thinking.


During the years since I’ve become involved in pinup, I have met some truly gorgeous and inspirational women. I’ve been thinking about it these past few days after a gathering with a small handful of these ladies ahead of my birthday to devour cake and bask in their beautiful company.

As I’ve ventured down the fun path that is adulthood, I’ve found myself slowly drop out of touch with quite a number of friends I was once very close with. To be honest, I’ve found this process really quite difficult. Though it’s certainly natural for this to occur (something I’ve realised when talking to other people about how it’s bothered me), that doesn’t mean that it’s an easy thing to process or deal with. I’d love to hear your thoughts an experiences in this adulthood vs old friendship arena!

With a birthday on the cards, I’ve been reminded  how many amazing NEW people have entered my life over the past few years! Most of whom, I have pinup (and also burlesque in more recent years) to thank for. These last few days have seen me showered in all of the love and cake a girl could dream off and I’m feeling like one incredibly lucky lady!

Late last week the lucky 6 ladies who topped the public voting for VLV20 were announced and It’s amazing to see women of so many diverse backgrounds in the top 12! There are women representing New Zealand, Russia, Belgium, Italy, the USA, the UK and the Netherlands! Oh, and little ol’ me representing Australia. It’s just amazing!

Upon entering this contest over the past three years, the thing that appealed to me and excited me the most was the prospect of being united with women who all share a common passion and interest. Women from all around the world coming together for a shared love to experience something special together! The prospect of growing my pinup pal posse internationally makes me feel even more grateful and excited! Now THAT is a prize!

A huge congratulations to all of this year’s entrants! Everyone always puts up a massive campaign and it really is anyone’s game. It takes time and effort too which should not be discounted! I’ve thrown the idea out there that we should hold a contest where every entrant can take part and we could try and set a new record!

Well done to the top 6 ladies: Dariel Dearlove, Ginger Heartbreaker, Helouise Bow Flapper, Lady Lipstick, Miss Monique Sweet and The Dutch Pinup! These ladies make up the Top 12. I still can’t believe my mug is pictured alongside all these stunners!


I can’t wait to meet the entire top 12 and also any of the other entrants who are still attending VLV! This time, 9 weeks from now I’ll be prepping for my flight over and I know that’s going to go so quick!


Lucy Luxe does Viva Las Vegas! Part 1: Entry and Announcement

In a vow to remember as much of my Viva Las Vegas Pinup Contest Experience and to be able to share this experience with other women, I’ll be keeping a blog in the lead up to the big weekend in April!

So here’s to the first post! Let’s see how I go at sticking to posting regularly!

Being a judge’s pick for the VLV 20 Pinup Contest is such an honour and one I am so incredibly grateful for! This is the third time I have entered the contest and it’s been a dream of mine to have the opportunity to be involved in any sense for numerous years now. My partner and I had already planned and booked our trip to the USA, so I was excited already and being chosen for the comp is definitely the sweetest cherry on top!

Pinup has become such an important part of my life that has really aided me in growing into myself. I know that comment might sound incredibly wanky, but it’s true! Having a platform that encourages being and challenging oneself has been really beneficial and has played a pivotal role in sharping the woman I am today. I’m so excited to meet other women from all over the world who share this passion!

In this post I want to talk about my amazing experience shooting with Sherbet Birdie who are the talented bunch responsible for my entry photos this year.

Shooting with Sasha and Lucy has been on my pinup bucket list for over five years since first seeing their work. In 2016, I decided what better a reason to finally treat myself than to shoot my entry photos for my third attempt at scoring a very special spot at Viva!


For anyone tossing up whether to indulge in a Sherbet Birdie shoot package, the only answer is YES and you’re about to find out why!

Sasha’s service (and Sasha as a human) really is second to none. In the lead up to the shoot, you have a wonderful phone call together where you can talk about your vision for the shoot and Sasha can ask you a series of questions to get to know you a little better and to prepare you for the shoot. You immediately feel as though you know and love this woman irrespective of whether you’ve actually met in person as of yet!

Sasha, Lucy and Luna greeted me with open arms when I arrived at the studio down in Sydney after an early morning rise and flight. Then the fun began!

As someone who shoots most weeks, it was so lovely to actually pop my feet up and be pampered. I didn’t have to worry about whether my hair was going to behave, whether my winged eyeliner was even or if my false lashes were going to stick. I just sat back and let Lucy the expert have at my hair and face! Wonderful! This woman tamed my locks like no one ever has. I still can’t believe it’s actually my hair in the shots!

Did I mention I was munching on Sydney’s best macaroons and sipping Moet while all of this was happening? Are you sold yet?!


Getting down to the actual shooting with Sasha was so much fun. She knows how to make you feel comfortable and really capture you having a good time and being yourself. She’s mastered the art of those little tweaks that turn an okay shot into an amazing one and it made selecting my favourites very difficult…because they were all good!

Seeing the final results, I was totally over the moon and so happy to have achieved something I’d been dreaming about long term. I was super excited to finally release them upon entering the contest.

I had the entry date marked in my diary and was one of the first ladies to submit my entry form and photos. The entry remained open for a little longer than previous years and it was exciting seeing the pool of perfect pinups grow during this time! I checked back every few days to see the gorgeous new additions and felt myself getting more and more excited with each day that passed. Being added to the entrant group on Facebook meant all entrants could all have the pleasure of getting to meet one another online and start getting to know each other. I found this really wonderful and special to be interacting with other women from all over the world who share a common interest and love.

Once entries closed, it certainly was an anxious wait! No doubt it was an incredibly difficult decision for this year’s judges, who had to choose just five out of around 180 entrants who were all stunning. The 6th lucky lady is actually chosen by all of the contestants which I think would be such an incredible spot to own, knowing how much the other ladies appreciate you already! This year it went to the gorgeous Boston Bombshell (who I’m yet to meet but already know I’m gonna like cause she is just one lovely doll!) Reading the profiles of these gorgeous women makes you realise the amazing stories they all have to tell and the successes they have all achieved. Such an amazing bunch!

We all waited, closing watching our inboxes for the email Rockwell had been telling us to expect! What seemed like an eternity was only a day or two of constant email checking!
It was a message from Australian pinup pal Ivy Fox congratulating me that alerted me to the fact I was somehow, one of the chosen ladies in the top 6! I couldn’t believe it! Checking the email for myself I then swung around in my office chair and exclaimed to my colleague that I was one of the lucky ladies! This day shall forever be known as “Viva Day” (as not a lot of other work got done after the announcement!)

I was truly blown away by the beautiful messages of congratulations and encouragement from people here in my local pinup group. It’s these people that put their faith and belief in me and assist me to have the same faith and belief in myself (something that often, isn’t an easy task for me). I consider myself very lucky to have so many people supporting me and it really showcase the amazing relationships and friendships that have come into my life since pinup did! I think back to the first pinup/rockabilly event I attended and I knew no one…it’s a stark contrast to attending these events now and that to me, is what it’s all about.

Now comes the fun and excitement of knowing I’ll be attending my first international event where I’ll have the pleasure of shining on stage with 11 other beauties from across the globe in an even organised by one serious boss lady whom I truly idolize: The amazing Miss Rockwell DeVil . I can’t wait to meet the beautiful five ladies also in the top 6: Lily White, Radmila Rocky Zombie, Miss Lillian Love, Daria Tarasova and Boston Bombshell and am excited to see who the other beautiful ladies will be to make up the top 12!

Don’t forget: There is a pool of babes waiting for your votes, as the remaining 6 places will be determined by public voting. Go and vote for your favourite pinup lady here!

Stay tuned for my next post and thanks for reading!


Miss Pinup Australia 2015 Post 2: Workshops and Meet and Greet Weekend

Well boy, have I got a lot to tell you!

It’s been a jam-packed day full of amazing ladies and wonderful moments. There were tears. There was laughter but above all, there were lots of smiling faces.
Sounds like one hell of weekend, am I right?! The Miss Pinup Australia 2015 QLD Workshop and Meet and Greet Weekend did not disappoint!

This was the first time during the lead up to the state event that all of us Queensland entrants have physically gotten together and I was meeting several of the lovely ladies for the first time.

Well, let’s get straight into it shall we? I know you are itching to hear what we got up to!…

We began with our workshop at the Globe in Fortitude Valley. You could see us a mile off: a bunch of babing pinup ladies loitering outside the venue!

When we got inside, we got straight down to business. The one and only Miss Pixie introduced herself to the group, followed by the lovely mentors who had joined us for the day including Miss Dee Meanour (all the way from Sydney might I add!), Miss Kitty Sapphire and Miss Mae Em (who had also made a trip to attend). Aren’t we lucky?!

The mentors introductions were to warm us up for introducing ourselves to the rest of the Queensland ladies. It truly was a treat to listen to each wonderful woman introduce themselves and it proved to be quite an emotional experience.

They always say “you can’t judge a book by its cover”, and I was truly astounded listening to the traumatic and challenging experiences the women before me had endured in their lifetimes. Having studied journalism, I believe everyone has a story, it’s just so often that we don’t (or don’t have the chance) to stop and listen to them.

I found it surprisingly emotional standing up and discussing why I myself, had chosen to enter Miss Pinup Australia.
One reason is purely positive: to see like-minded women challenge and surprise themselves. My other pinup experiences have been nothing but positive. As I shared with the group, there’s nothing quite like seeing a woman’s face when she walks off stage and is astounded at what she just did. So fulfilling to see and support others to jump on our of their comfort zone!

Another reason…slightly less than positive; Despite often coming across like a fairly confident person, I often find it difficult to attend social events, constantly questioning myself. After some deceitful events in my personal life over the past 12 months, my confidence copped a wallop and my lack of confidence only worsened. But I thought, hey, what better a time to enter Miss Pinup Australia and show myself I have still well and truly got it. *Insert power stance!

Miss Pixie emphasised that Miss Pinup Australia is very much about the journey and self-growth as opposed to the destination or being in it to win it.
I shall go forth remembering “the only person I am in competition with, is myself,”. I’m determined to use this experience to remind myself of my worth, my strength and my value.

Following our introductions we spent a lot of time discussing our upcoming state event on June 20. ‘Twas the time to ask any lingering questions as we are now only 1 month out (oh golly) from the event!

We were also given a cute ID tag with wings (YES!) and a mini tiara to emphasise that in MPA, we really are all winners.

Afterwards, we grabbed some donuts (hey, a pinup needs her sugar hit) before splitting to re-beautify ourselves for the meet and greet fun ahead.

The meet and greet was held at the one and only Jungle Bar. We were surrounded by beautiful bamboo (which I found out last night was all lovingly sanded and stained by one of the bar owners) and a cute collection of tiki ornaments and bric-a-brac.

All of the QLD entrants attended in their finest pinup attire. Some completed their outfits with the addition of a pina colada in a pineapple: the perfect pinup accessory!

It was great to be given the opportunity to each chat to one another more and get to know each other a little better. We were also lucky enough to have several previous MPA title holders present. Best to chew the ear off those who have been there and done that!

It was great seeing the gorgeous Red Devotchkin and Miss Jade Foxx (as well as the other mentors already mentioned earlier!)

We were all also given the opportunity to chat with Miss Pixie to double check our themes were both suitable and original! Can’t be double ups! I was relieved to be given the A ok!

I am feeling very excited after the weekend! Time to put the head down, bottom up and make the next few weeks count!
Miss Pixie has recommended 30 minutes a day of “me time”, in which we can research and work towards out 4 different rounds.

The Miss Pinup Australia 2015 Queensland entrants: Myself, the lovely Miss Emmy Cherrypi, Miss Ginger Pop, Miss Vonnie Violet, Miss Satine S'Allumer,

The Miss Pinup Australia 2015 Queensland entrants: Myself, following by the lovely Miss Emmy Cherrypi, Miss Ginger Pop, Miss Vonnie Violet, Miss Satine S’Allumer, Miss Kitty Von Claws, Miss Sharne DeVille and in the front row Miss Diamond Divine, Miss Trixie La Rouge and Miss Velvet Crush! Come and see us all perform at the state event on June 20.

2015-05-24 05.56.27

The lovely Miss Satine S’Allumer and I busting out in our pinup finest at Jungle.

The QLD Miss Perfect Pinup entrants for 2015: Myself, the cute Miss Emmy Cherrypi and the sultry Miss Satine S'Allumer

The QLD Miss Perfect Pinup entrants for 2015: Myself, the cute Miss Emmy Cherrypi and the sultry Miss Satine S’Allumer

Past title holder Miss Red Devotchin, Miss Dee Meanour, Miss Mae Em, Miss Kitty Sapphire and Miss Jade Foxx

Past title holder Miss Red Devotchin, Miss Dee Meanour, Miss Mae Em, Miss Kitty Sapphire and Miss Jade Foxx

The one and only Miss Pixie with the stunning Madeleine Mayhem.

The one and only Miss Pixie with the stunning Madeleine Mayhem.

Our lovely mentors Miss Kitty Sapphire and Miss Dee Meanour.

Our lovely mentors Miss Kitty Sapphire and Miss Dee Meanour.

Miss Mae Em, Miss Velvet Crush and Miss Vonnie Violet looking gorgeous as ever

Miss Mae Em, Miss Velvet Crush and Miss Vonnie Violet looking gorgeous as ever

I’ll be posting about my progress in the coming weeks, so keep your eyes open!




Miss Pinup Australia Post 1: Preparations and B.T.S

Well, as promised, here is my first blog about Miss Pinup Australia 2015. (Let’s see if I can keep my word and continue on after this one!)

I’m hoping to use the blog to discuss the behind the scenes preparations and goings on as an MPA contestant and to also discuss the official events in detail (as there will no doubt be lots of exciting things to report on!).

I am often asked questions by lots of lovely ladies who are curious about pinup pageants/contests, and I am always happy to spruik the many amazing benefits of being involved in such initiatives! But let it be known, Miss Pinup Australia IS NOT a pinup competition as such: It is more about the inner journey (more about that later!)

Now, we are currently just days out from our official MPA workshop and meet and greet…but there have been lots of preparations going on in the lead up to this by both the competition organisers and contestants.

The Miss Pinup Australia journey is one that begins well ahead of the official events themselves. The contestants prepared their entries at the bottom end of the year before the competition and start thinking about how they will approach the competition.

With MPA, you are to have a theme that you will carry through the various rounds: Daywear, swimwear, lingerie and talent. There is also eveningwear for the lovely ladies who make it through to the grand final.

In the lead up to this weekend, I have been a busy bee working through various phases of preparation.

The choosing of a theme was a difficult task for me, as I initially struggled to find something that I thought I could successfully carry through to ALL of the rounds. I also wanted something that was relevant for me as an individual and for my pinup persona too!

Fear not! I found something I was fond of eventually (which I’ll keep under wraps for now).
This was helped by watching previous DVD’s (care of the lovely past competitor Miss Scarlett Tinkerbelle) to help give me an idea of what ladies have done in the past.

I had been brainstorming in an Evernote list and the note section on my phone for quite some time before finally reaching something I felt was strong and could (hopefully) be successfully communicated to the audience easily.

With a theme under my belt, I began hunting for bits and pieces: Clothing, accessories and props. What could I make, where could I source things? The world is my vintage oyster!
Given I am entered into the Miss Perfect category, everything must be true vintage…so this means lots of hunting! Luckily my Mum (whom I often refer to as “The Ebay Queen”) has taught me well. I’m always on the lookout for a bargain and have my bidding finger at the ready! I’m pleased with the bits and pieces I have collected thus far and hope they tie in nicely with my theme and story line. Ultimately, I want the audience to get it!

Ahead of the Workshop and Meet and Greet weekend I think I have just about everything I need…bar a few bits and pieces here and there!

I am beyond excited to meet all the other Queensland contestants.
One of the things I enjoy most about being involved in such competitions is the wonderful people you meet along the way. I don’t doubt Miss Pinup Australia will be any different and I will soon have the addition of some more lovely ladies to my pinup possie!

My next blog will discuss how the workshops and Meet and Greet go this weekend so stay tuned!