Lucy Luxe does Viva Las Vegas! Part 11: Car Show Cruisin and Forget Me Not Goodies!

It’s car show day and boy, am I excited?! I have some cute little goodies I am SO excited to share around today!

Given my career background, I thought long and hard about what kind of cute little things I would like to make and bring with me to gift to my fellow finalists and also when chatting to other festival goers at the one and only VLV20 car show. I wanted a little forget me not that was a little unique and encompassed who I am as a pinup.

After lots of researching, I decided on a couple of different pieces for both the ladies and gents!

Every lady needs to keep her pout pretty and what better a way than with some LUXE LIPS Lip Balm!
I did my research on how to go about making my own natural lip balm, the container options I could choose from and the kind of branding I’d like on the little lip pots!

Actually making the lip balms wouldn’t have been possible without the efforts of my man David Gatt and my good friend Diamond Dubbellyou who spent the best part of a Saturday preparing and creating the lip balms with me! It was great fun (they may dispute this comment) and I got a good arm workout from grating the beeswax! Naturally given my love for sweets, the balms are Cotton Candy scented.

I gave these pretties to my fellow finalist ladies at the Meet and Greet last night, paired with a little golden wand to wish away the pre contest worries, labelled with a (sparkly) name tag and a little note to each of ladies. I’m a pretty big softy and I really like to take the time on small and personal gestures as I feel like we see a lot less of these things nowadays. As technology makes communication much easier, it also seems to become much less personal and also risks appearing a lot less genuine. 

I had a tonne of fun designing each of the labels and putting them together by hand. I wanted lots of gold and red in line with the VLV logo and I was happy with how much glitter featured in the end result. I completely forgot to take a photo of all the little keepsakes though! I’ll have to rely on the ladies to show you what these pretties looked like! 
For the gents, what about a little Lucy to liven up the back window of that sweet ride of yours! With the blessing of the beautiful Holly West, I had this classic pinup image turned into a sticker! I feel like being on a sticker (even when you’ve had them made yourself) is definitely something worth giving yourself a pat on the back for! 😛

It’s fitting the first person to put a sticker on their car was one of my biggest supporters: my beautiful Pop. Here he is with the sticker on the “stump jumper”.

I will note, I’m all for any guys who want to beat the chap and have some Luxe Lips of their own or any ladies who want a Little Lucy on their ride. Gifts for all! ❤

I’m super lucky to have had a little Aussie Posse along with me on this once in a lifetime trip and we thought we should ensure we all looked the part! My amazing David brought my daydreams to life in the form of “Lucy’s Ladies and Lucy’s Lads” T-shirts! Sadly David didn’t get on board with wearing a “Lucy’s Lover” T-shirt as Diamond had suggested. Hehe! Special mention needs to be made for David who spent many hours with me designing ALL of the things. Hopefully I wasn’t a troublesome client!

Though the t-shirts we originally only designed just for us to wear at the actual event in Vegas, I was surprised when chatting about it with friends that some of crew back in Australia were interested in wearing them in support of me also. To my further surprise, I ended up having enough demand to order over 30 of my shirts for both ladies and lads back home! Talk about chuffed! I was genuinely blown away by the people in my life, their genuine interest and desire to support me in this venture! A couple of people even asked if I would sign their shirts for them! This is the first time I’ve done this and considering I am very much a plain-Jane, just your average girl it certainly made me feel quite special and loved!

In keeping with my continuing desire to express this thanks in a personalised way, I wanted to individually wrap the shirts and write notes to those who had opted in! It was a wonderful opportunity to really reflect on how many beautiful people I have in my life and the role they have played in my journey from when I first found pinup years ago. I encouraged people to wear and share their shirts on their social media so I could be reminded of them all and feel like I had a piece of them all with me at the event! If only I could have actually packed them all in my suitcase! I also had a social post of the shirt for those who weren’t wearing it on their bodies but that also wanted to share! Thank you to each and every one of you for being so behind me. I would never have even reached this opportunity without you and the role each of you have played in my journey and in shaping me!

Then, when I thought people couldn’t possibly get ANY more supportive, Diamond offered to make all of us ladies matching harlequin print skirts! Um, YES! A thousand times yes! Thank you for this beautiful gesture gorgeous. I truly appreciate it and the amazing assistance you have been fielding my many wardrobe inquiries!

Finished off with a handful of flyers each, we are ready to hit the car show and get chatting. I’ve learned from my mother and could definitely talk under water so I’m really keen for the opportunity to get out and get mingling! It’s really nice to be able to meet new people and give them a little token from this little ol’ pinup all the way from Oz! Let’s do this!!!


Lucy Luxe does Viva Las Vegas! Part 10: Meeting and Greeting at VLV20

Oh what a night! I spent my evening last night surrounded by some truly beautiful souls and I simply couldn’t be happier! What better a way to spend a Friday evening than with a bunch of glamorous and gorgeous women who I’ve spent months looking forward to meeting?!

Attending the VLV Pin Up Contest Meet and Greet last night was so incredibly surreal. I’ve seen photos from previous meet and greets and just never thought it would be me here having the pleasure of meeting all of these amazing idols. I’m still shocked even though it’s actually happened.

I wanted to prepare a little something for my gorgeous finalist ladies to give to them when finally meeting them! But I’ll talk a bit more about these in my next post!

I’m a little nervous but mostly excited to get up on stage. To me, today is kind of like one big massive thank you to all of the people who have played a part in my pinup experience. I wouldn’t be here without you and that is truly what it’s all about to me: Supporting each other and falicitating and celebrating personal growth!



Lucy Luxe does Viva Las Vegas! Part 5: In the News!

The big event is fast approaching! Just one week from now I’ll be departing from Aussie soils and heading over to the glorious U S of A for my very first Viva Las Vegas experience! I can’t believe it’s actually happening. It’s all very surreal after having dreamed about attending this event for so long now!

Today is an exciting day as I’m lucky enough to be featured in my local paper celebrating my selection as a finalist in this year’s Pin Up Contest!

I had the photos taken a few weeks ago and decided red, white and blue would be a fitting colour scheme given the destination I am headed off to! Trying to make myself as much like the American flag will totally translate in the image, right!? It worked well that upon arrival at the news studio, Ric had already selected a red background. He must have read my mind I think!



I was called by a journalist for the interview a few days after the shots were taken. Having been interviewed for the paper a handful of times now, I’ve noticed they often call around 4PM which tends to be when I’m finishing up at work for the day and relatively scatter-brained. I like to ensure there is a lot of thought going into my responses so I was hoping I’d made sense to the journalist even at the end of a long working day! Reading the article I can see I got the most important message across: That message being how truly awesome it is to be a part of an event that brings pinups together from all over the world! I still cannot get over how amazing this element is going to be! Definitely the thing I am looking forward to the most. I can’t wait to do lots of meeting and greeting of festival goers and just day a giant hello (or gday) from this little Aussie!

I am now counting down the days until I fly out and cannot wait to meet these beautiful women and many more individuals I have idolised very soon!

Until next time, enjoy the article!






Lucy Luxe does Viva Las Vegas! Part 3: Final 6 Announcement & Pinup Posse goes International

Today is my birthday! Which is an exciting day, for a cake lover like myself! But it’s also got me thinking.


During the years since I’ve become involved in pinup, I have met some truly gorgeous and inspirational women. I’ve been thinking about it these past few days after a gathering with a small handful of these ladies ahead of my birthday to devour cake and bask in their beautiful company.

As I’ve ventured down the fun path that is adulthood, I’ve found myself slowly drop out of touch with quite a number of friends I was once very close with. To be honest, I’ve found this process really quite difficult. Though it’s certainly natural for this to occur (something I’ve realised when talking to other people about how it’s bothered me), that doesn’t mean that it’s an easy thing to process or deal with. I’d love to hear your thoughts an experiences in this adulthood vs old friendship arena!

With a birthday on the cards, I’ve been reminded  how many amazing NEW people have entered my life over the past few years! Most of whom, I have pinup (and also burlesque in more recent years) to thank for. These last few days have seen me showered in all of the love and cake a girl could dream off and I’m feeling like one incredibly lucky lady!

Late last week the lucky 6 ladies who topped the public voting for VLV20 were announced and It’s amazing to see women of so many diverse backgrounds in the top 12! There are women representing New Zealand, Russia, Belgium, Italy, the USA, the UK and the Netherlands! Oh, and little ol’ me representing Australia. It’s just amazing!

Upon entering this contest over the past three years, the thing that appealed to me and excited me the most was the prospect of being united with women who all share a common passion and interest. Women from all around the world coming together for a shared love to experience something special together! The prospect of growing my pinup pal posse internationally makes me feel even more grateful and excited! Now THAT is a prize!

A huge congratulations to all of this year’s entrants! Everyone always puts up a massive campaign and it really is anyone’s game. It takes time and effort too which should not be discounted! I’ve thrown the idea out there that we should hold a contest where every entrant can take part and we could try and set a new record!

Well done to the top 6 ladies: Dariel Dearlove, Ginger Heartbreaker, Helouise Bow Flapper, Lady Lipstick, Miss Monique Sweet and The Dutch Pinup! These ladies make up the Top 12. I still can’t believe my mug is pictured alongside all these stunners!


I can’t wait to meet the entire top 12 and also any of the other entrants who are still attending VLV! This time, 9 weeks from now I’ll be prepping for my flight over and I know that’s going to go so quick!


Lucy Luxe Does Viva Las Vegas! Part 2: Long Lock Life & Staying Sane when Styling.

Hair. We all have it. Some more than others. Some in places we’d rather not…

Fear not folks: I’m here to chat about the hair on our heads! Ahead of Viva, I’m thinking a lot about vintage hair styling, long hair and how the two often just don’t go together.

My hair (which is now down to my hips) attracts lots of comments when I wear it down or out. The number one comment is often “IS THAT ALL YOURS?!” to which I enjoy replying with a cheeky smirk “Yes, I grew it myself.”

But of course, my hair hasn’t always been like this.

Ten years ago when Myspace was big and emo mullets were too, I used to rock a (what I thought was cool) Rod Stewart style mullet. The top layers of my hair were so short that would stand and spike up on their own without product and it was all razor cut and thinned out to compliment the style. In hindsight, it was well and truly hideous and my younger siblings still give me hell about it!


When I finally decided that the mullet was to be no more, it took some time to grow it all out. In fact, only now after ten years is everything close to being the same length again! Remember that one at home guys: Yes, hair grows back, but it can take a while!

I’ve had a couple of beautiful hairdressers who have helped me along the way. Only since I stopped washing and heat styling it daily has my hair decided it wants to be friends again and also started to grow much quicker too.

My now long locks can sometimes be problematic when attempting vintage styles. I often resort to updo styles because my hair can be both time consuming and frustrating to curl and often it won’t hold a curl for long which means all I’ve really achieved from the time spent is an epic arm workout! It’s gotta be dirty if it’s going to hold anything at all so I often find myself looking ahead in my diary to see if any shoots or events are coming up that I need to ensure I refrain from washing ahead of!

It’s definitely not as difficult as it used to be when I first started attempting vintages styles some five or so years ago, but that’ doesn’t mean I’m an expert either! I still have lots to learn and am endeavoring to put some time aside this year to actually practice in my spare time to build my hair skill set. The key part here is when one has spare time…and not half an hour before you need to be somewhere! That’s a surefire way to NOT stay sane when styling!

So I’m welcoming any suggestions from fellow long locked ladies and putting the call out as to whether there are any styles you’d like to see me attempt. Because I have to plan ahead for my hair, I’ll be planning and practicing to decide how to wear it when enjoying the festivities of Viva Las Vegas

In the meantime, I thought it would be fun to film a little video of me taking all of my long locks out of a style. This is as opposed to filming me actually doing my hair, which I don’t think the world is ready for yet!

*Thanks to Micheline Pitt for her gorgeous Vixen range and this shirt that was a coincidental perfect choice when filming this video!

I hope you enjoy the video and this next installment of my VLV prep and planning posts!



Lucy Luxe does Viva Las Vegas! Part 1: Entry and Announcement

In a vow to remember as much of my Viva Las Vegas Pinup Contest Experience and to be able to share this experience with other women, I’ll be keeping a blog in the lead up to the big weekend in April!

So here’s to the first post! Let’s see how I go at sticking to posting regularly!

Being a judge’s pick for the VLV 20 Pinup Contest is such an honour and one I am so incredibly grateful for! This is the third time I have entered the contest and it’s been a dream of mine to have the opportunity to be involved in any sense for numerous years now. My partner and I had already planned and booked our trip to the USA, so I was excited already and being chosen for the comp is definitely the sweetest cherry on top!

Pinup has become such an important part of my life that has really aided me in growing into myself. I know that comment might sound incredibly wanky, but it’s true! Having a platform that encourages being and challenging oneself has been really beneficial and has played a pivotal role in sharping the woman I am today. I’m so excited to meet other women from all over the world who share this passion!

In this post I want to talk about my amazing experience shooting with Sherbet Birdie who are the talented bunch responsible for my entry photos this year.

Shooting with Sasha and Lucy has been on my pinup bucket list for over five years since first seeing their work. In 2016, I decided what better a reason to finally treat myself than to shoot my entry photos for my third attempt at scoring a very special spot at Viva!


For anyone tossing up whether to indulge in a Sherbet Birdie shoot package, the only answer is YES and you’re about to find out why!

Sasha’s service (and Sasha as a human) really is second to none. In the lead up to the shoot, you have a wonderful phone call together where you can talk about your vision for the shoot and Sasha can ask you a series of questions to get to know you a little better and to prepare you for the shoot. You immediately feel as though you know and love this woman irrespective of whether you’ve actually met in person as of yet!

Sasha, Lucy and Luna greeted me with open arms when I arrived at the studio down in Sydney after an early morning rise and flight. Then the fun began!

As someone who shoots most weeks, it was so lovely to actually pop my feet up and be pampered. I didn’t have to worry about whether my hair was going to behave, whether my winged eyeliner was even or if my false lashes were going to stick. I just sat back and let Lucy the expert have at my hair and face! Wonderful! This woman tamed my locks like no one ever has. I still can’t believe it’s actually my hair in the shots!

Did I mention I was munching on Sydney’s best macaroons and sipping Moet while all of this was happening? Are you sold yet?!


Getting down to the actual shooting with Sasha was so much fun. She knows how to make you feel comfortable and really capture you having a good time and being yourself. She’s mastered the art of those little tweaks that turn an okay shot into an amazing one and it made selecting my favourites very difficult…because they were all good!

Seeing the final results, I was totally over the moon and so happy to have achieved something I’d been dreaming about long term. I was super excited to finally release them upon entering the contest.

I had the entry date marked in my diary and was one of the first ladies to submit my entry form and photos. The entry remained open for a little longer than previous years and it was exciting seeing the pool of perfect pinups grow during this time! I checked back every few days to see the gorgeous new additions and felt myself getting more and more excited with each day that passed. Being added to the entrant group on Facebook meant all entrants could all have the pleasure of getting to meet one another online and start getting to know each other. I found this really wonderful and special to be interacting with other women from all over the world who share a common interest and love.

Once entries closed, it certainly was an anxious wait! No doubt it was an incredibly difficult decision for this year’s judges, who had to choose just five out of around 180 entrants who were all stunning. The 6th lucky lady is actually chosen by all of the contestants which I think would be such an incredible spot to own, knowing how much the other ladies appreciate you already! This year it went to the gorgeous Boston Bombshell (who I’m yet to meet but already know I’m gonna like cause she is just one lovely doll!) Reading the profiles of these gorgeous women makes you realise the amazing stories they all have to tell and the successes they have all achieved. Such an amazing bunch!

We all waited, closing watching our inboxes for the email Rockwell had been telling us to expect! What seemed like an eternity was only a day or two of constant email checking!
It was a message from Australian pinup pal Ivy Fox congratulating me that alerted me to the fact I was somehow, one of the chosen ladies in the top 6! I couldn’t believe it! Checking the email for myself I then swung around in my office chair and exclaimed to my colleague that I was one of the lucky ladies! This day shall forever be known as “Viva Day” (as not a lot of other work got done after the announcement!)

I was truly blown away by the beautiful messages of congratulations and encouragement from people here in my local pinup group. It’s these people that put their faith and belief in me and assist me to have the same faith and belief in myself (something that often, isn’t an easy task for me). I consider myself very lucky to have so many people supporting me and it really showcase the amazing relationships and friendships that have come into my life since pinup did! I think back to the first pinup/rockabilly event I attended and I knew no one…it’s a stark contrast to attending these events now and that to me, is what it’s all about.

Now comes the fun and excitement of knowing I’ll be attending my first international event where I’ll have the pleasure of shining on stage with 11 other beauties from across the globe in an even organised by one serious boss lady whom I truly idolize: The amazing Miss Rockwell DeVil . I can’t wait to meet the beautiful five ladies also in the top 6: Lily White, Radmila Rocky Zombie, Miss Lillian Love, Daria Tarasova and Boston Bombshell and am excited to see who the other beautiful ladies will be to make up the top 12!

Don’t forget: There is a pool of babes waiting for your votes, as the remaining 6 places will be determined by public voting. Go and vote for your favourite pinup lady here!

Stay tuned for my next post and thanks for reading!