Babydoll Lulu Mist Set – Jools Couture

Want to look cute as you slink about the house before bed? I’ve got just the thing!

Jools Couture is an Australian designer based in Sydney and boy, does she know a thing or two about producing adorable pieces.

Fatale Embroidered Prom Dress – The Pretty Dress Company

Want to feel like a princess? I’ve got just the dress!

Introducing to you the gorgeous Fatale Embroidered Prom Dress in the black colourway by The Pretty Dress Company.

Lucy Luxe does Viva Las Vegas! Part 3: Final 6 Announcement & Pinup Posse goes International

Today is my birthday! Which is an exciting day, for a cake lover like myself! But it’s also got me thinking. During the years since I’ve become involved in pinup, I have met some truly gorgeous and inspirational women. I’ve been thinking about it these past few days after a gathering with a small handful…

Lucy Luxe Does Viva Las Vegas! Part 2: Long Lock Life & Staying Sane when Styling.

Hair. We all have it. Some more than others. Some in places we’d rather not… Fear not folks: I’m here to chat about the hair on our heads! Ahead of Viva, I’m thinking a lot about vintage hair styling, long hair and how the two often just don’t go together. My hair (which is now…

Lucy Luxe does Viva Las Vegas! Part 1: Entry and Announcement

In a vow to remember as much of my Viva Las Vegas Pinup Contest Experience and to be able to share this experience with other women, I’ll be keeping a blog in the lead up to the big weekend in April!

Miss Pinup Australia 2015 Post 6: The Queensland State Final 2015

I’ve now had a few days to sit back and reflect on what was a truly amazing weekend at the Miss Pinup Australia QLD State final for 2015. And oh, what a weekend it was! Returning to work after such an amazing weekend has been a little more on the dull side of things…but I…

Miss Pinup Australia 2015 Post 2: Workshops and Meet and Greet Weekend

Well boy, have I got a lot to tell you! It’s been a jam-packed day full of amazing ladies and wonderful moments. There were tears. There was laughter but above all, there were lots of smiling faces. Sounds like one hell of weekend, am I right?! The Miss Pinup Australia 2015 QLD Workshop and Meet…

Miss Pinup Australia Post 1: Preparations and B.T.S

Well, as promised, here is my first blog about Miss Pinup Australia 2015. (Let’s see if I can keep my word and continue on after this one!) I’m hoping to use the blog to discuss the behind the scenes preparations and goings on as an MPA contestant and to also discuss the official events in…