Miss Pinup Australia 2015 Post 8: One week until the National Grand Final!

I can’t believe we are now just ONE WEEK away from the Miss Pinup Australia National Grand Final!

This time next week I will be freezing my toosh off in Melbourne time and full to the brim with excitement and nervous butterflies.

I am FINALLY beginning to feel ready as I tick the last few things off my list and begin to really look forward to the event and the days beforehand!

As per usual, things have been eventful as of late. I’ve been planning and leading some intense training at work and have been on a made hunt to try and find a new housemate after my current one bomb-dropped a two weeks’ notice departure.

One thing I am beginning to realise is that I actually am a fairly resilient person. I look back at some of the things that have taken place in my life (in the past 12 months in particular) and can genuinely say that I am pretty damn proud of myself for the manner in which I have handled some of these things.

I am reminded of this by those closest to me: special mention to family, my close Alex, Elly, Evie and Gen and my amazing boyfriend Dave for always being there to remind me of this on those days where my mind is telling me otherwise!

Now, onto what I’ll be getting up to down in Melbourne.
I will be arriving bright and early on the morning of Thursday July 23.
My flight leaves Brisbane just after 6:30AM…so I’m reaaaaaally excited about getting up at around 3AM. Lucky I’m a morning person who loves coffee!

Thursday will be our first day of rehearsals learning our awesome opening number. The wonderful Miss Pixie has been hard at fashioning handmade headpieces for every finalists and I can’t wait to see her creations! I am also really excited to learn the opening number…not to mention meeting ALL THE GRAND FINALISTS! I feel like I know them all already, but it will be nice to actually physically meet them all.

On the Thursday evening, the lovely Miss Cherry Fizz (Miss Pinup Australia 2014) has been so thoughtful as to arrange a dinner for us all to meet/hangout/chin wag after our first day of rehearsals. I can’t wait to meet the woman herself! One excited pinup right here!

Friday is rehearsal fun take two, followed by the official Meet & Greet at Aloha Sailor. Hopefully a cocktail (or a mocktail in my case) or two will ease the nerves ahead of the big night on Saturday night. My gorgeous man also arrives on Friday night so it’s just one exciting thing after another!

I’m not sure what the proceedings will be on Saturday, but needless to say, anything I do, I will likely be doing in a wet set. Stylin’.

I cannot even begin to express how excited I am to spend Saturday night with a bunch of inspiring and amazing individuals who have all worked so hard in the lead up to the big night. It’s likely I won’t get to see much of their actual performances (always the only sad part about actually being a contestant) but I’m excited for costume sneaky peeks in the dressing room at least!

Tomorrow Dave and I will be attempting to successfully fit all my props into my luggage…I hope he’s good at Tetris, cause I know I ain’t!

As always, if you have any questions, feel free to drop me a line and ask! I don’t bite!

Enjoy your weekend lovelies!



Miss Pinup Australia 2015 Post 4: 1.5 Weeks Out Update!

Well it’s been a busy week in Lucy land! I can’t believe it is now, only just over a week until the big night where myself and the other Queensland contestants for Miss Pinup Australia 2015 will gather together to put on one hell of a show!

Now I stop and think about it, we’ve had quite a lot of time to prepare…which makes it somewhat more daunting in my head because I figure more time equals greater expectations. Some serious power stances and mirror pep talks are going to be required in order to convince myself that I can do this!

I’ve found that I go through stages of feeling confident vs. feeling like I look like an idiot! I suppose so long as I carry myself with confidence, I can’t go wrong.

I’ve spent this last week gathering the few missing pieces to my pinup puzzle, most of which have just been standard things like stockings and appropriate undergarments. I’ve been told to Hollywood tape the heck out of everything to avoid showing more than I’d like on stage…I’m definitely going to take that advice!

I’ve also had my gorgeous and ridiculously amazing, supportive and helpful man on board to assist me with props (not that I use the term “assist” loosely) *giggles. Thanks Dave ❤

I feel like I have things under control…with only a few things left to make and organise…but at the same time I’m fighting off the internal panic that I have, or will have forgotten something. Times like now I guess you have to remind yourself that it’s only you who knows how something is meant to look…and if something goes pear-shaped or isn’t quite as you envisioned or planned, it’s still only you who knows it!

….This blog post is turning into one major pep talk, did you notice?

I also made use of the public holiday and spent most of the day doing a full dress rehearsal and refining my planned poses while in costume. It’s easy to forget a piece of clothing can really restrict your movement, or that a certain pair of heels can make you wibble wobble (jelly on a plate).

I drew up a pose plan to help me remember what comes next in each round. I’ve always found I’ve got a bit of a photographic memory and tend to remember things better when I have written them out or seen them in writing. I’m trying to make this all a little easier for myself!

I’m trying to do a run through at least once a day of all the rounds and my talent…even if that means half doing the poses and counting to four…while on the bus. I know if I don’t practice, I’ll struggle to feign confidence. My personality type means I’d much rather be prepared for anything…even if the likelihood of that anything occurring is virtually next to none!

There’s so much more I want to say, but as usual, I don’t want to give too much away ahead of the big night! Gotta make sure you all come along and see it or yourself. Following the state event, I am really looking forward to talking about where I collected all my vintage bits and pieces. There’s a few stand out items that I am just in love with and could yap all day about (if I can find a willing audience!)

It’s currently 4:41AM and I’m about to do some form of exercise and head on off to my day job. These last few weeks have been full of some no so pleasant or enjoyable ongoing events in my personal life and it sure has been nice to have something else to focus my attentions to!

I hope you’re enjoying my waffle (mmmm waffles). I hope to have some video waffle for you in the coming days.

Happy almost Friday!