Carmella Polka Dot Mesh Swing Dress

Every vintage loving lady needs herself a little black dress (or two) and the Collectif Carmella Polka Dot Mesh Swing Dress is definitely going to be my go to, black baby this season.

I’m often drawn to bright colours and pastels, so I was excited to try out this number, given she’s something a little different for me.

Upon arrival I was excited, having not realised that the Carmella actually comprises of two dresses: A spaghetti strap black swing under dress in stretch bengaline and a shirt-dress overlay in soft, black, polka dot mesh. So she’s really a two in one: Oh the possibilities!

I’m already plotting how I could wear the two separately and think the under dress will make a great plain black staple dress and the over dress could be worn with lingerie in a boudoir style shoot.


As always with Collectif, the Carmella doesn’t disappoint when it comes to cute details: The main over dress features a cute rounded collar, a cheeky keyhole neckline and fastens with dainty buttons down to the waist where the mesh parts to reveal the under dress. The slim, black belt works to cinch you in at the waist and showcase your curves.


It’s recommended you hand wash this pretty, due to the delicate nature of the mesh overlay. A light steam is all she needs to be ready for wear.


I’m wearing an XXS or a UK 6 and I decided to style with an under bust corset because I wanted a little more cinch than usual. The under dress fits snug in the bust and waist (my measurements: 32-24-32”) and isn’t a full swing skirt, so sits a little closer to the body than a full or half circle would. The mesh over dress was a perfect fit for my frame.


You can purchase your very own Carmella right here.


Trixie Velvet Sparkle Dress – Collectif

I’m a long time lover of Collectif’s classic colours and cuts and they’ve really brought the goods again with the winner that is the Trixie Velvet Sparkle Dress!

I’m gonna come right out and say still images of this dress truly don’t do her justice: I’ll let the video speak further to this point… LOOK AT HER SHINE ‘N’ SPARKLE!!

This dreamy dress hugs your curves in all the right places and brings a big dose of bling to your life. What’s not to love really?!

Made of 95% polyeseter and 5% spandex, this pretty has plenty of stretch and it’s reccomended you size down if wanting a real pinup, figure hugging look.
I’m wearing an XXS or a UK6 and it suited my measurements (32”-24”-32”) perfectly!

L_LucyLuxebyDavidGatt (32)

I personally love the plunging cross over sweetheart neckline: This is my favourite kind of neckline and with the right strapless bra, I actually feel like I have something to show off for a change!

This dress does up with a covered zip at the back so it’s easy to get in and out of (which can sometimes be a struggle with wiggle style dresses!)

L_LucyLuxebyDavidGatt (40)

Collectif offers worldwide shipping. If you need a little glitz and glamour in your life, you can make this beauty yours right here.

Lucy Luxe Does Viva Las Vegas! Part 2: Long Lock Life & Staying Sane when Styling.

Hair. We all have it. Some more than others. Some in places we’d rather not…

Fear not folks: I’m here to chat about the hair on our heads! Ahead of Viva, I’m thinking a lot about vintage hair styling, long hair and how the two often just don’t go together.

My hair (which is now down to my hips) attracts lots of comments when I wear it down or out. The number one comment is often “IS THAT ALL YOURS?!” to which I enjoy replying with a cheeky smirk “Yes, I grew it myself.”

But of course, my hair hasn’t always been like this.

Ten years ago when Myspace was big and emo mullets were too, I used to rock a (what I thought was cool) Rod Stewart style mullet. The top layers of my hair were so short that would stand and spike up on their own without product and it was all razor cut and thinned out to compliment the style. In hindsight, it was well and truly hideous and my younger siblings still give me hell about it!


When I finally decided that the mullet was to be no more, it took some time to grow it all out. In fact, only now after ten years is everything close to being the same length again! Remember that one at home guys: Yes, hair grows back, but it can take a while!

I’ve had a couple of beautiful hairdressers who have helped me along the way. Only since I stopped washing and heat styling it daily has my hair decided it wants to be friends again and also started to grow much quicker too.

My now long locks can sometimes be problematic when attempting vintage styles. I often resort to updo styles because my hair can be both time consuming and frustrating to curl and often it won’t hold a curl for long which means all I’ve really achieved from the time spent is an epic arm workout! It’s gotta be dirty if it’s going to hold anything at all so I often find myself looking ahead in my diary to see if any shoots or events are coming up that I need to ensure I refrain from washing ahead of!

It’s definitely not as difficult as it used to be when I first started attempting vintages styles some five or so years ago, but that’ doesn’t mean I’m an expert either! I still have lots to learn and am endeavoring to put some time aside this year to actually practice in my spare time to build my hair skill set. The key part here is when one has spare time…and not half an hour before you need to be somewhere! That’s a surefire way to NOT stay sane when styling!

So I’m welcoming any suggestions from fellow long locked ladies and putting the call out as to whether there are any styles you’d like to see me attempt. Because I have to plan ahead for my hair, I’ll be planning and practicing to decide how to wear it when enjoying the festivities of Viva Las Vegas

In the meantime, I thought it would be fun to film a little video of me taking all of my long locks out of a style. This is as opposed to filming me actually doing my hair, which I don’t think the world is ready for yet!

*Thanks to Micheline Pitt for her gorgeous Vixen range and this shirt that was a coincidental perfect choice when filming this video!

I hope you enjoy the video and this next installment of my VLV prep and planning posts!