Lucy Luxe does Viva Las Vegas! Part 4: A Special Surprise Gift

There are now only SIX Mondays left until I’ll be boarding a big jet plane and crossing the seas to arrive on the shores of the United States ahead of Viva Las Vegas 20. I can’t believe it! If time could just slow town a tad, that would be great.

Although I’m feeling a wee bit nervous about it all, on Friday evening I was gifted something very special that I can bring along on my trip that I want to tell you about.

On Friday, the wonderful Bombshell Burlesque Academy I attend had its annual Bombshells Ball. This regular event showcases the routines each different group and individual soloists have been funneling their energies and efforts into throughout the six week term.

Funnily enough, it was actually pinup that brought burlesque into my life. After being lucky enough to take part in the Garterbelts and Gasoline Pinup Contest and then being even luckier to call myself Miss Garterbelts and Gasoline 2014, I received a term voucher to the Bombshell Burlesque Academy in my winning prize pack.

I headed along to my first ever burlesque class a few months later in late 2014. Despite being somewhat skeptical and scared at the realisation that burlesque would involve removing articles of clothing on a stage in front of a bunch of people I didn’t know, I came back for more. I finally took to the stage in early 2015 and now burlesque is very much a part of my life and one that I am proud of.

Burlesque has brought a whole lot of sparkle into my life. But rhinestones aside, the best part of burlesque has been the wonderful bunch of truly inspiring and encouraging women I have become surrounded by. It’s wonderful to be in the company of women who are creative, motivated and determined and I feel truly privileged to call these women my friends.

Recently, I had the pleasure of spending lots of time with a select group of these lovelies as we prepared the Premiere Season of our show A Brief History of Burlesque. Headed by our director Lila Luxx, it was something I felt very honoured to be a part of.

So on Friday as the show drew to a close, I was surprised to hear my name called and be beckoned to the front of the stage by our lovely MC CeCe Shabam. What followed was a complete surprise announcement about my upcoming trip to take part in the Viva Las Vegas 20 Pinup Contest and if that wasn’t enough, a surprise gift too! It completely caught me by surprise and I was very aware of how awkwardly I was standing there not knowing what to say as a result. As the show ended and everyone began filing back to the change rooms, Evelyn, Diamond and Kira all told me that I simply had to open this mystery gift there and then on the spot.

Opening the box led to me immediately losing it and bawling/babbling like a baby at the gorgeous and incredibly thoughtful contents inside. Lila had organised for the amazing Coppelia Jane to hand make me my very own personalised signature Glamour Gown to take to Viva to which all of these beautiful women (Lila, Ella, Evangelene, Jacqueline, Kira, Evelyn, Diamond Cello, and Evie) had contributed too. David had even been in on the action because Lila managed to get a copy of my logo so it could be embroidered on the gown. This is hands down, the most beautiful and thoughtful gesture that I have ever been on the receiving end of and still now, I cannot find words to adequately express how much this means to me.

Upon thanking Lila for initiating such a beautiful plan, she said it was “a little bit of us to take with you”. I feel so blessed to have such a supportive posse of women behind me and I’m so chuffed to have this beautiful gown to bring with me on my travels and remind me of you all! In all honesty, I owe the level of confidence I have today to doing classes with the Bombshells and being constantly supported and encouraged by these beauties. I can see the growth and changes in myself and to these women I say thank you. Thank you for constantly having faith in my abilities and assisting me to have faith in them too! Special mention to Lila Luxx who is my Beyonce: A fierce and intelligent woman who knows what she wants and just goes out and gets it.

Now I leave you with some shots of this beautiful gown I speak of. Also, 10 points to all of these people for managing to keep this a secret for several weeks! Yet another thing about you all that impresses me! ❤





Lucy Luxe does Viva Las Vegas! Part 3: Final 6 Announcement & Pinup Posse goes International

Today is my birthday! Which is an exciting day, for a cake lover like myself! But it’s also got me thinking.


During the years since I’ve become involved in pinup, I have met some truly gorgeous and inspirational women. I’ve been thinking about it these past few days after a gathering with a small handful of these ladies ahead of my birthday to devour cake and bask in their beautiful company.

As I’ve ventured down the fun path that is adulthood, I’ve found myself slowly drop out of touch with quite a number of friends I was once very close with. To be honest, I’ve found this process really quite difficult. Though it’s certainly natural for this to occur (something I’ve realised when talking to other people about how it’s bothered me), that doesn’t mean that it’s an easy thing to process or deal with. I’d love to hear your thoughts an experiences in this adulthood vs old friendship arena!

With a birthday on the cards, I’ve been reminded  how many amazing NEW people have entered my life over the past few years! Most of whom, I have pinup (and also burlesque in more recent years) to thank for. These last few days have seen me showered in all of the love and cake a girl could dream off and I’m feeling like one incredibly lucky lady!

Late last week the lucky 6 ladies who topped the public voting for VLV20 were announced and It’s amazing to see women of so many diverse backgrounds in the top 12! There are women representing New Zealand, Russia, Belgium, Italy, the USA, the UK and the Netherlands! Oh, and little ol’ me representing Australia. It’s just amazing!

Upon entering this contest over the past three years, the thing that appealed to me and excited me the most was the prospect of being united with women who all share a common passion and interest. Women from all around the world coming together for a shared love to experience something special together! The prospect of growing my pinup pal posse internationally makes me feel even more grateful and excited! Now THAT is a prize!

A huge congratulations to all of this year’s entrants! Everyone always puts up a massive campaign and it really is anyone’s game. It takes time and effort too which should not be discounted! I’ve thrown the idea out there that we should hold a contest where every entrant can take part and we could try and set a new record!

Well done to the top 6 ladies: Dariel Dearlove, Ginger Heartbreaker, Helouise Bow Flapper, Lady Lipstick, Miss Monique Sweet and The Dutch Pinup! These ladies make up the Top 12. I still can’t believe my mug is pictured alongside all these stunners!


I can’t wait to meet the entire top 12 and also any of the other entrants who are still attending VLV! This time, 9 weeks from now I’ll be prepping for my flight over and I know that’s going to go so quick!


Miss Pinup Australia 2015 Post 9: The National Grand Final Wrap Up!

Well the sparkles have settled and now I finally have a spare moment, I want to write about the wonderful experience that was the Miss Pinup Australia National Grand Finale down in Melbourne!

I want to round off my blog with the spectacular three days I spent finally meeting some very important individuals in the flesh, learning a fun routine together and formally completing the MPA journey for this year.

My National Grand Finale experience began with an early start…A very early start indeed.

Day 1:

Up and at em! Ready to fly out to Melbourne.

Up and at em! Ready to fly out to Melbourne.

I dragged my butt out of bed at 3AM in order to be organised to catch my 6:40AM flight. Now when I say dragged, I’m lying. I was awake most of the night as I knew I would be. Bubbling with excitement and a little bit of nerves about the days that lay ahead!
I caught my first uber to the airport successfully and provided entertainment for many onlooking travellers as I struggled with my 52kg of luggage…just shy of my own weight in fact. Needless to say, there was no need for concern about fitting in some exercise on this day!

My 52 Kg of luggage. Come on muscles: Don't fail me now!

My 52 Kg of luggage. Come on muscles: Don’t fail me now!

I was surprised that despite the early hour, lots of people were noticing and actually commenting on my vintage look and hair styling. Nothing quite like a kind compliment to start the day!

The beautiful Miss Roxie Snow contacted me just before my flight took off, to ask me if I would like a lift from the airport. How kind! I jumped on board the pinup wagon and looked forward to meeting both Miss Roxie and also the divine Miss Rouge Pearl who Roxie had also kindly offered to collect.

I kept myself busy during my flight, surprisingly not looking over poses and what not, but preparing for one of three job interviews I was to have in the week following. Never a dull moment!

On my way Melbourne!

On my way Melbourne!

The flight went quick and before I knew it, I was graced with the gorgeous dolled up face of Miss Roxie as I touched down in Melbourne. I still owe this pretty a piece of cake for her kindness and generosity.

Arrived in Melbourne to this beauty: Miss Roxie Snow!

Arrived in Melbourne to this beauty: Miss Roxie Snow!

Miss Rouge was delayed, so we took the time to stop and refuel with caffeine. I also took the time to do a quick mid airport change, eyelash and lipstick application. Hey, I’m a gal on the go!

By the time I was finished caffeinating and dolling up, Miss Rouge arrived! What a little pocket rocket this one is! Just like Miss Roxie, offering to help me with my many bags and assuring me she was used to carrying a million things as a busy mum. Inspiration central right here!

Look who we found! The beautiful Miss Rouge Pearl

Look who we found! The beautiful Miss Rouge Pearl

Time had flown by and it was time to swing past Miss Roxie’s accommodation to pick up Miss Wurple and head on off to our first day of rehearsals at Circus Oz.

Car selfie! Touch down in Melbourne and ready for a big day!

Car selfie! Touch down in Melbourne and ready for a big day!

Arriving and finally getting to meet everyone was so incredibly exciting. It was also strange too, in the sense that it was kind of like we were already old friends in a way. We had all been following each other through various stages of the journey and seen lots of photos, posts and messages from each other.

All the pinups gather at Circus Oz. Miss Cleopatra Portman, Miss Lorelei Jean, Miss Wurple Violet, Miss Roxie Snow, Miss Rouge Pearl and I

All the pinups gather at Circus Oz. Miss Cleopatra Portman, Miss Lorelei Jean, Miss Wurple Violet, Miss Roxie Snow, Miss Rouge Pearl and I

After all the meeting and greeting was done, we headed inside to get down to business and hastily begin learning the opening number.We also talked about how the grand final would run and cleared up any questions ahead of the big night.

We managed to fit in a quick lunch break, where I began filming the personal thank you videos for Miss Pixie. Although we all put in for a gift from all of us, I wanted to give Miss Pixie a little something from myself to thank her for all her hard work and efforts in organising and running the competition for us. What better, then a whole bunch of thank you messages from all those involved in the grand final! A lot of my actual day job centres around video and it pained me to shoot this on an ipad with no proper audio gear….but I couldn’t fit any of that in with the rest of my 52kg so I had to make do!

With the Queen of the selfies Miss Roxie Snow, hiding my personalised headpiece which was still a secret at this point!

With the Queen of the selfies Miss Roxie Snow, hiding my personalised headpiece which was still a secret at this point!

Day 1 rehearsals done! Thanks for the mirror selfie Miss Nasya!

Day 1 rehearsals done! Thanks for the mirror selfie Miss Nasya!

We had fun rehearsing into the evening until it was time for a bite at The Noble Experiment – owned and operated by the multi-talented Miss Pinup Australia 2014 Miss Cherry Fizz! It was nice to wind down together over some delicious food and drinks after a busy travel and rehearsal filled day! Thanks for having us Miss Cherry!

Thank goodness for Miss Roxie and her selfie stick...or I'd have no photos to remember the weekend by!

Thank goodness for Miss Roxie and her selfie stick…or I’d have no photos to remember the weekend by!

I was slowly booting down and the lovely Miss Roxie dropped my luggage and I off at my accommodation. After a quick encouragement call with Dave, I ventured out into the cold to Coles to grab some snacks and supplies to fuel me over the days ahead and retreated home to bed to catch some Z’s before tackling day 2.

Day 2:

This was it! The final day to finish learning the opening number and practice, practice, practice!
My day got off to a good start with hair that I thought had behaved itself and a cute coat to keep me warm.

The only thing I like about gold weather...coats!

The only thing I like about gold weather…coats!

The day took a slight turn when the coffee man was slow and made us late and sans said coffee…and all my hair fell out.

Shortly before my hair completely lost it with Miss Roxie Snow

Shortly before my hair completely lost it with Miss Roxie Snow

But fear not! Miss Wurple to the rescue! She fixed my hair AND I managed to pop out and finally get the coffee I was after during lunch! I returned to quickly whiz through all those still needing to record a thank you for Miss Pixie, trying to get them all done while she was out to lunch herself!

Rehearsal fun!

Rehearsal fun!

How you know when lots of pinups are lipstick EVERYWHERE :P

How you know when lots of pinups are around…red lipstick EVERYWHERE 😛

During lunch, I also presented everyone with their magic wand gifts I had prepared in advance. For states, I had made cupcakes for everyone….but travelling with 25 cupcakes just wasn’t going to fly! I also wanted to give everyone a little something they could keep to remember their experience this year. The response was well worth the hours that went into make all the individuals name tags and putting them all together. I got lots of cuddles and kisses and thank yous and was so happy to leave a little piece of me with everyone.

Miss Wurple shortly after I gave her her wand...I think she liked it!

Miss Wurple shortly after I gave her her wand…I think she liked it!

Pinup Huddle! With Miss Wurple, Miss Von Ruby and Miss Stormy <3

Pinup Huddle! With Miss Wurple, Miss Von Ruby and Miss Stormy ❤

With the one and only Phoenix Divine.

With the one and only Phoenix Divine.

The magic wands I made for all the entrants. Mr Phoenix Divine got a car too, just in case all of the pink glitter was too feminine!

The magic wands I made for all the entrants. Mr Phoenix Divine got a car too, just in case all of the pink glitter was too feminine!

We finished of the opening number and with many a cheers and celebrations we set to preparing and practicing our poses for when each category entered the stage as a group at the end of each round. I think everyone’s brains had long switched off at this point, as we were all struggling to remember what we were coming up with! Absolute shocker!

It was definitely time to call it quits, head home and get pretty ahead of the National Meet and Greet. I headed home and touched up my makeup and set to editing the video for Miss Pixie! I was a little late arriving to the Meet and Greet and this was why… Call off the search party guys!

The meet and greet was held at the fabulous Aloha Sailor Bar, beneath The Noble Experiment. Definitely worth a look if you are ever adventuring in Melbourne town. It was nice to see everyone all dolled up and donning their tiaras and sashes while sipping on a cocktail. It was great knowing that all our rehearsing was done and that as this time the next night, we would all be showing off our months of hard work and preparations on stage at the grand finale! Excitement levels were definitely high!

I really enjoyed getting to meet and spend more time with Miss Grace Ann Divine throughout the competition. She's an absolute sweetheart.

I really enjoyed getting to meet and spend more time with Miss Grace Ann Divine throughout the competition. She’s an absolute sweetheart.

At the Meet & Greet with Miss Wurple.

At the Meet & Greet with Miss Wurple.

With these beauties: Miss Rouge Pearl and Miss Stormy Winters

With these beauties: Miss Rouge Pearl and Miss Stormy Winters

Glammed and crowned on up with Miss Roxie Snow!

Glammed and crowned on up with Miss Roxie Snow!

M\y QLD gals and I representing at the Meet & Greet!

M\y QLD gals and I representing at the Meet & Greet!

Pretty in pink with the gorgeous Miss Snowy Winters

Pretty in pink with the gorgeous Miss Snowy Winters

It was also great to get the chance to meet some of the special friends and other halves of those in the competition. It’s so wonderful to see peoples support networks and how they have helped them get to a certain point.

I too, was excited, as my wonderful man was flying in as I was at the meet and greet!
Once I had said my goodbyes, I shuffled home in the cold (but still looking glamorous due to tiara) to eagerly await Dave!

I set about getting my hair into a wet set, which due to my long locks is always quite a mean feat! Not long after I finished, I was rewarded with the arrival of my beautiful man! I was so relieved to finally have him there. My calm during the storm he is! We both got ready for what I hoped would be a good night’s sleep ahead of the big night itself!

Grand Final Day!

I awoke after what was a surprisingly okay sleep. The night before the Queensland state final had been a rough one due to the overwhelming nerves and excitement and also the discomfort of those cute little pink rollers. Don’t let their cuteness deceive you: they are fairly uncomfortable!

Wet set in and ready for the big day!

Wet set in and ready for the big day!

So I was happy to feel somewhat rested! Dave and I set about getting some of my props set up and organising how we were going to get them to the venue, walking from our accommodation.

I got a coffee fix and some more supplies from Coles (mostly to meet my sugar requirements for the day. Hello marshmallows and party mix!)

After that, I just took my time getting ready. My hair is always a mission. Sometimes it will miraculously behave. Then there are the times it just…doesn’t. It was going to be one of those days. Poor Dave tried to nap while I cursed at my hair and hair tools. Bless him for ducking out to grab me a coffee and try and keep me calm amidst my hair rage.

Although it took forever, I finished right on schedule and we started our short walk to Circus Oz. Mind you, it didn’t feel so short carting all my stuff with us! All of the props! This is something my Dad would refer to as a “character building” experience.

Upon arrival, we quickly got everything set up and labelled and Dave headed off to wait for show start while I got to practicing the opening number with all my other lovelies!

It was interesting mapping it out on the stage for the first time and we only really had enough time to go through it twice in the venue ahead of show start. There were a few moments of stress but we realised we were all in the same boat and as long as we carried ourselves with confidence and conviction, the audience would enjoy it regardless. I always remind myself that the audience doesn’t know how it’s supposed to look, so as long as you carry out every move and own it, you’ll have the audience convinced and transfixed!

We headed in to all attach our beautiful personalised headpieces that Miss Pixie HAND MADE for all of us and started getting amped up for the show!

The gorgeous personalised headpiece Miss Pixie made for all of us!

The gorgeous personalised headpiece Miss Pixie made for all of us!

To be perfectly honest, from here on out, everything is a blur of quick changes, candy fuel ups and a whole lot of fun. I wish I could remember more of it…but I guess the motivation at the time was to get all the clothes on for the next round, make it out on stage and have a damn good time. And that, I did!

Finally got a quick selfie with the gorgeous Miss Jade Serpentine <3

Finally got a quick selfie with the gorgeous Miss Jade Serpentine ❤

Evening wear....

Evening wear….

With the beautiful Miss Roxie Snow before talent round.

With the beautiful Miss Roxie Snow before talent round.

I had a few conversations with my pinup family backstage and many were saying they were happier with their performances at their state event. I had to admit, I did feel the same in some respects. But honestly, I just had such a ball out of stage that it didn’t matter. All the weeks of preparation and planning and hard behind the scenes work were all coming together and for me, that was a prize in itself.

And then, came this feeling of sadness…that it was all over.
Even before presentation, I felt a bit empty…because it was all done. It’s odd, because during all the times of stress and tears, you think it will be a feeling of relief in some respects. Sure, it’s an excited feeling too, because YOU JUST DID IT! YOU NAILED IT! But I was immediately thinking…in a matter of an hour, this formal part of the journey will come to a close.

I guess that right there, speaks for itself in terms of what I have gained from being a part of Miss Pinup Australia and how much it has meant to me along the way.

One thing I do remember and always love seeing, is just how helpful everyone is back stage. Just like states, I needed help getting into my corset (thank you Miss Lorelei Jean) and my suspender clips (thank you Miss Wurple Violet). Anything you needed, someone was there to help. Also, the beautiful Miss Stormy Winters noticed I had been a little stressed throughout the night and stopped me to ask if I was okay. Bless you Stormy, for noticing the slight dull in my sparkle. Damn Stress! Got to thank the beautiful Miss Mae Em too, who also noticed this upon arrival and swiftly gave me a big snuggle!

I got to packing up all my stuff while votes were tallied as we all knew we were required to make a swift exit leaving the venue nice and tidy. I was all dressed in my eveningwear ready for presentation, but that didn’t stop me: I was outside in the car park…in my vintage prom gown…armed with a screwdriver collapsing my props down! Sisters are doin’ it for themselves!

With all the packing up, presentation time snuck up quickly. I was super excited to hear and see the results and it didn’t disappoint! It was so wonderful to see the shock in the surprised faces and the excited tears that followed from a number of the National title holders. It was an exciting moment even for those who didn’t take home a title. We shared in the celebration of the growth of all those awarded and it’s not about the titles anyway.

When the beautiful Miss Vee Dub was announced as Miss Perfect for 2015! We were all so excited for her!

When the beautiful Miss Vee Dub was announced as Miss Perfect for 2015! We were all so excited for her!

A huge congratulations to EVERYONE: Title holders AND all the other entrants. As far as I’m concerned we are all winners and our prize is seeing the growth and change in ourselves, and also sharing in the journeys of those on the path with us.

And of course, I can never say enough of a thank you to Miss Pixie: the woman who drives this whole thing. Thank you for putting all of yourself into this for us. We know this means making many a sacrifice in your own life, missing out on a lot of time with your family among many other things. A special thanks to Miss Nasya, Mr Gage and Mr Aaron for lending us your lady!

Upon reflection, I really did undergo a journey that I could never have imagined.
This was different to the few other competitions I have been involved in, in that you really did funnel so much time, thought and effort into your performance. But through this, you learn so much about yourself and also the support network behind you.

For me, it highlighted the important people in my life who care and really wanted to be there to support me. This is sometimes something I have a tendency to forget. It also holds the power to highlight those who maybe don’t care as much as you thought they did and can show you how much things have changed.
For me, the other competitions I have been involved in were a stark contrast to this one because I went from having a partner who clearly wasn’t very invested in it all and didn’t care too much, to having someone who went truly above and beyond to support me.

This time around, I have seen the incredible difference having a supportive partner makes. Dave treated this journey as though it was his own. He was the one encouraging me to push on through the meltdowns, helping me organise my props and ensuring they were polished and perfected and bringing my brainstorms and ideas to life. I honestly couldn’t have done all this without him and I think although it has been stressful at times, it’s those times that bring you together and actually test your ability to work as a team. Well honey, I think we aced it! We are one hell of a team and I love you more than words can adequately sum up! Thank you.

My calm in the storm <3

My calm in the storm ❤

I have had some incredibly supportive friends along the way too. Special mention to Alex, Evie, Elly and Gen for all your words of encouragement and listening to me while I talked about all this for months on end!

My beautiful friends: Elly and Gen <3

My beautiful friends: Elly and Gen ❤

My family have been super supportive and proud from a distance too, which has really made me feel quite special and loved. And that is what this is all about.

As I said in my poem: it’s not about sashes, tiaras or fame. I may not have brought home a sparkly crown, a blinging sash or a title from Nationals… What I brought home is stowed away safely in my heart and mind:

I have a new bunch of friends who have all kicked some serious butt and challenged themselves in ways they never imagined. Two days spent with these beauties just wasn’t enough and I am already looking forward to an MPA reunion!

I am more aware of how lucky I am have certain people in my life and am even surprised by how proud of me they all are.

I also have a better sense of my own worth and value and just how much I am capable of. I came into this feeling a lot less secure and questioning my capabilities. By no means am I saying that from now on, I’m gonna get up in the morning, love what I see and never question anything ever again.

But deep down, I know that I am one strong and beautiful woman…and I’m never going to let anyone take that away from me again. Never.



Miss Pinup Australia 2015 Post 8: One week until the National Grand Final!

I can’t believe we are now just ONE WEEK away from the Miss Pinup Australia National Grand Final!

This time next week I will be freezing my toosh off in Melbourne time and full to the brim with excitement and nervous butterflies.

I am FINALLY beginning to feel ready as I tick the last few things off my list and begin to really look forward to the event and the days beforehand!

As per usual, things have been eventful as of late. I’ve been planning and leading some intense training at work and have been on a made hunt to try and find a new housemate after my current one bomb-dropped a two weeks’ notice departure.

One thing I am beginning to realise is that I actually am a fairly resilient person. I look back at some of the things that have taken place in my life (in the past 12 months in particular) and can genuinely say that I am pretty damn proud of myself for the manner in which I have handled some of these things.

I am reminded of this by those closest to me: special mention to family, my close Alex, Elly, Evie and Gen and my amazing boyfriend Dave for always being there to remind me of this on those days where my mind is telling me otherwise!

Now, onto what I’ll be getting up to down in Melbourne.
I will be arriving bright and early on the morning of Thursday July 23.
My flight leaves Brisbane just after 6:30AM…so I’m reaaaaaally excited about getting up at around 3AM. Lucky I’m a morning person who loves coffee!

Thursday will be our first day of rehearsals learning our awesome opening number. The wonderful Miss Pixie has been hard at fashioning handmade headpieces for every finalists and I can’t wait to see her creations! I am also really excited to learn the opening number…not to mention meeting ALL THE GRAND FINALISTS! I feel like I know them all already, but it will be nice to actually physically meet them all.

On the Thursday evening, the lovely Miss Cherry Fizz (Miss Pinup Australia 2014) has been so thoughtful as to arrange a dinner for us all to meet/hangout/chin wag after our first day of rehearsals. I can’t wait to meet the woman herself! One excited pinup right here!

Friday is rehearsal fun take two, followed by the official Meet & Greet at Aloha Sailor. Hopefully a cocktail (or a mocktail in my case) or two will ease the nerves ahead of the big night on Saturday night. My gorgeous man also arrives on Friday night so it’s just one exciting thing after another!

I’m not sure what the proceedings will be on Saturday, but needless to say, anything I do, I will likely be doing in a wet set. Stylin’.

I cannot even begin to express how excited I am to spend Saturday night with a bunch of inspiring and amazing individuals who have all worked so hard in the lead up to the big night. It’s likely I won’t get to see much of their actual performances (always the only sad part about actually being a contestant) but I’m excited for costume sneaky peeks in the dressing room at least!

Tomorrow Dave and I will be attempting to successfully fit all my props into my luggage…I hope he’s good at Tetris, cause I know I ain’t!

As always, if you have any questions, feel free to drop me a line and ask! I don’t bite!

Enjoy your weekend lovelies!