Sardinia Shoes – Charlie Stone

Though my social media may lead you to believe I am some sort of vintage glamazon, truth be told, I will always choose comfort where possible! Heck, I was wearing black bonds underwear under my gorgeous vintage wedding dress which I feel speaks for itself.

But, good news: Comfort doesn’t have to come at the cost of style. Charlie Stone shoes are walking proof!

I was excited when I discovered Australian brand Charlie Stone shoes, especially given my fun foot troubles in 2018.

As a runner and a dancer, my feet aren’t the biggest fan of me and the treatment I put them through. I’ve spent the better part of 2018 nursing a stress fracture and other ongoing podiatry issues. Heels haven’t been my best friend during this time, so cute flats have become essential.

LucyLuxe_byDavidGatt_L (10)

Charlie Stone’s mission is to “make elegance effortless, every single day” and the brand was born when owner and designer Samantha Szetu wanted to create a shoe that would accommodate the physical stress placed on the feet and knees of dancers.

The brand aims to arm women with a “balance of vintage class and modern design” so they are set to conquer the world in style, all while still feel comfy.

LucyLuxe_byDavidGatt_L (1)

As a woman who was guilty of buying pair after pair of $8 Kmart flats, I now appreciate the design features in a shoe which though may come with a larger price tag, will ensure my feet feel fab.

Charlie Stone has done the leg work and built in the following design features to ensure your tootsies always feel terrific:

*Unique flat design with hidden elevation for better arch, ankle and knee support
*Custom cushioned insole
*Soft genuine leather upper and lining
*Flexible and durable bottom soles for prolonged wear
*Comfortably positioned low ankle strap

I was super excited when my pair of white Sardinia’s arrived. I tried to choose something a little different for me and a pair of white flats was on my need list. The shoes were beautifully packed in a cute canvas draw string bag and I was blown away by the quality craftsmanship from the moment I opened the box and was greeted with the aroma of luscious leather.

LucyLuxe_byDavidGatt_L (19)

The Sardinia style features:

*Genuine leather upper (‘snakeskin’ style texture) and lining
*Smooth man made sole
*Soft cushioned insole
*25mm internal heel elevation, 10mm external heel.

The Sardinia style retails for $169.00 AUD and can be purchased here.

I am an Australian ladies size 8 or European size 39 and the 39 in this style fit me like a glove…or a shoe rather! I was a little concerned as I think my foot is ever so slightly on the wider side but these couldn’t have been a better fit.

Check out the Charlie Stone size chart to asses what size would be best suited to your soles.

These shoes were comfortable from the very second I put them on. I wore them for over an hour while shooting and experienced zero rubbing and came out unscathed and completely blister free (which is often rare when breaking in a new pair of beauties!) I was actually blown away!

I have failed to mention at this point just how flipping adorable these are too! I’m picky with flats (I hate when you can see your toe webbing and look somewhat like an aquatic creature of sorts) but looking down at these on my feet I just couldn’t help but grin. Charlie Stone is definitely hitting their mission bang on.

LucyLuxe_byDavidGatt_L (2)

I am so happy with both the impeccable quality and style of my first pair of Charlie Stone shoes, I deeply suspect this will most certainly not be my last pair! I may need every style and colour at this rate.

Do yourself (and your feet) a favour & check out the rest of the Charlie Stone range on their website!

Wilhelmina Buttercup – Collectif

I bought the plain black Collectif Wilhelmina dress months ago because I knew it would be super versatile. I’d been looking for a plain black wrap because I knew it would be handy to wear to burlesque gigs as a stylish costume cover up that wouldn’t mess up my hair and makeup when taken on and off!

I loved the plain black so much that when I saw it in this cute buttercup print I needed it too!

I love wrap dress styles and this one I find particularly flattering. The cross over v neckline compliments the bust area and can be adjusted depending on how much you’d like to show off and the tie nips you in at the waist. You can tie a bow at the back or front….Have I mentioned versatility yet?! I adore the cute little puff sleeves too.

LucyLuxe_ByDavidGattt_LR (9).jpg

The navy base works so well with the yellow floral detail of the print. Navy is my husband’s favourite colour on me, so he was a big fan. This number seems to really suit those like myself who are a Winter season in terms of skin tone and what colours best suit.

LucyLuxe_ByDavidGattt_LR (17)

100% polyester, I love that this dress simply needs a light steam to freshen her up and then she’s good to go! If I don’t need to get the iron out, I’m a happy pinup!

I’m wearing an XXS or a UK 6 which suited my 32-24-32” measurements perfectly.

You can purchase your very own buttercup right here.

Lucy Luxe does Viva Las Vegas! Post 12: The Viva Experience! 

It’s time to wrap up my Viva Las Vegas 20 experience and I’m thrilled to recap all the fun I had at my very first VLV!

The last I left you I was just about to head on down to the car show and meet and greet some Viva goers and boy, was it fun! Naturally my ladies and I (in our matching pink outfits) gravitated towards a perfect ’59 pink caddy owned by lovely Lorraine and John *insert drool here! It must have wound up looking intentional because before we knew it, we were a photo opportunity for lots of people passing by. It was a great way to meet and interact with lots of different individuals which is something the journo in me really enjoys! It really was incredible to see how far and wide people had come from to be a part of VLV!

Photo by Abe Lojero 

Special mention must be made to my amazing Aussie support crew: Katrina, Kirsty, Diamond, Dan and my David who all got in on motivating the masses and encouraging people to vote for their favourite pinup! I couldn’t have done this without you guys. Kirsty: I didn’t know about your spruiking skills but girl, you owned it!  

The morning just flew by and before I knew it, it was time to head on back to the room and get changed into my gorgeous contest dress. Katrina headed back with me to ensure everything went to plan and no stressful moments occurred! I popped on my beautiful Cappella Jane Glamour gown all my gorgeous burly girls back home had made for me while getting ready just so I could feel the support of them all there with me!

Dressed and ready, we headed back down to the car show to check in with all the other finalists and prepare to head up for our shiny moment on stage. Speaking of shiny, Rockwell had arrived in what can only be described as a diamond of a dress. This woman would sparkle even in a potato sack but damn, she looked stunning. Rockwell briefed us for what was to come, gave us our order of appearance and provided us with our question. 

My question was why I had entered the contest again for a third time and I knew exactly what I wanted to say and was just hoping it would come out similar to what I was thinking in my head. I found out after the contest that my friends could see me going over it by the side of the stage which they thought was cute and I thought was embarrassing! But I wanted to ensure I used my moment and said what was important to me! I felt incredibly nervous (which is odd as getting up on stage certainly isn’t new to me). The lovely Lily asked me whether I still got the butterflies and the answer is most definitely yes! 

It was finally contest time as I watched Rockwell head on up to the stage to introduce the judges before welcoming me up as the first finalist. I was nervous about my sneaky dress reveal and hoped it would go to plan and judging from reactions of people in the crowd it shocked and delighted as I’d hoped it would! 
Coppelia Jane did such a marvellous job on my transitional gown and my request to have a dress that changed in both silhouette and colour! I figured if I only had a few seconds on stage, I wanted to do something unique and really me and I was so pleased with it coming to fruition after a lot of planning and creating care of Coppelia! 

Photos by Tim Hunter.

Next up was the question answering to which I responded:

“Pinup allows me to transform so much like the dress you’ve seen me wearing today, pinup helps me go from subtle and soft to sexy and strong! So standing here today and re-entering Viva is not only a huge personal achievement for me, but it also helps me to show women all around the world that this need not be just a dream, it can be a reality for them as well.”

Photos by Tim Hunter 

Thankfully no word vomit came out and I was able to say what I was hoping to which was important to me.

I then had the pleasure of watching all the other ladies appear on stage and answer their own questions and I found myself thinking how glad I was I wasn’t a judge! How do you decide from such a bunch of beautiful women who all have so much to offer?!
For this reason, I was incredibly honoured to be awarded best wardrobe! What a huge compliment to my designer Coppelia for bringing my vision to life! 

The lovely Lily White was awarded Best Hair, Heloise Bow Flapper with Best Makeup and then our leading ladies: 2nd Runner Up to the Dutch Pinup, 1st Runner up to Dariel Dearlove and Miss Viva Las Vegas 20 Miss Monique Sweet! 

Photo by Tim Hunter 

At this point I already felt so sad it was all over despite the feeling of excitement. How had it all come and gone so quickly?! Both the Contest and almost Viva too! I think the only thing I’d want to change would be getting to spend more time in person with my fellow finalists. The experience came and went so quickly and despite conversing with all these wonderful women for months in the lead up, I didn’t get enough face time with them! This is something I really want to do my part to change within my own local group! So often we only ever see each other at events when there is so much else going on and not much opportunity to actually catch up or get to know one another better on a deeper level. 

Thank you to all the amazing people in my life who really got behind me in my Viva Las Vegas dream. There were so many people who bought a shirt, shared my posts, gave me gifts, wished me well and were in general just so supportive of me and it is because of you all, that this became a reality. Thank you all so much.
Special mention is also required for the diamond dame, the one and only Rockwell who makes this experience possible. You are queen! 

Photo by Abe Lojero 

As for Viva as a whole, all I can say is WOW! Attending an event of this scale just reiterates how important pinup and rockabilly culture has become for me over the years and it really feels quite special to be a part of something this big and this awesome. I can’t wait to attend again already! 

One component I particularly loved, was being able to wear and showcase some of my vintage gems that with all work and no play, don’t get the out of closet time they deserve! 

As I mentioned earlier in the blog, I’d prepared an outfit spreadsheet so I could pack wisely and not run the risk of leaving that perfect matching accessory at home! It also took the thought and stress out of it at the event when every moment is precious! I am an avid planner so this is just how I like to roll.

Viva, it’s been an absolute blast! I hope this blog acts as a useful resource for any other ladies considering entering the contest or maybe even considering getting involved with pinup in any capacity. I still remember buying my first repro style dress and now pinup has brought so much positivity into my life and helped me grow into the woman I am today. The growth just keeps on coming too and this is sometjing I want other women to have the pleasure of experiencing for themselves. If this little Aussie lady can do it, anyone can! 

*Check out all the outfits I sported at Viva below, including the cute bathing suit I wore in the swimsuit contest held the one and only pool party. 

Day 1 – Day wear

Vintage Dress- an eBay score! 

Day 1 – Evening wear.

Tiki time! Dress by Red Ruby Vintage. 

Day 2 – Day wear. 

Vintage Dress from Vintage Hippy.

Day 2 – Day wear 2!

Vintage Dress borrowed from my beautiful friend the Sapphire Siren! 

Day 2 – Meet and Greet Evening wear from Butchwax Vintage.

Day 3 – Car Show Lucy’s Ladies Matchy Matchy! 

Shirts designed by David Gatt.

The Lucy skirt designed and produced by Diamond Dubbellyou.

Day 3 – Contest Outfit.

Transitional dress by Coppelia Jane. 

Day 3 – Evening wear 

Prom pretty dress from Etsy.

Day 4 – Pool Party wearing the Pretty Dress Company 

Day 4 – Swimsuit Contest

Catalina Swimsuit and matching swim dress from Ooh La La. 

Lucy Luxe does Viva Las Vegas! Part 6: Learning from the loveliest of ladies!

Knowing that I’m attending Viva has given me the perfect opportunity to finally take a leap and do things I’ve been thinking about doing or been wanting to improve for a long time! For example, you remember me mentioning earlier in my blog how much grief my long locks give me? Well, I thought what better a time than to try and learn some skills from the talented women around me, then right now?!

I remember watching my very first Cherry Dollface hair tutorial video gosh…maybe around five or six years ago after her channel was recommended to me by a fellow uni student. These videos turned my half-arsed attempts at hair into something much more inspiring and I’ve definitely gotten better with practice and watching further videos. I also remember the first time I was really happy with how my victory rolls looked thanks to the guidance of one of Cherry’s videos! I’ve always been grateful for that recommendation and am hoping I might have the pleasure of getting to Cherry’s workshop at Greazefest later this year so I can see this babe work her magic in the flesh! It’s also dawning on me I may be lucky enough to meet her a week from now at Viva! :O

Given that for me, my main issue is my length, I thought I’d invest some time with the one and only long-locked temptress that is Jacqueline Furey! Jac welcomed me into her home and spent a couple of hours going through some styles really useful to long-haired ladies. 

A lot of the vintage styles you see really are suited to shorter locks and I always find it hard if I pop some pretty rolls in the front, then what do I do with all my length at the back! 

This session with Jac was definitely a good investment and one I’d recommend to other local, long-locked ladies! Jac’s hair always looks amazing so I knew she was a sure-fire bet. Pretty sure she is actually a real like mermaid…

*Photo by KTB: @ktbsaysrelax

Follow Jacqueline at: @jacqueline_furey

After the session I actually made some time to just sit and fiddle with my hair (which I always TALK about doing and never actually do) and even that felt good! I have a small pool of styles I can pull from for the different Viva events. I’m trying to just go with the flow and see what the hair feels like doing on any given day!

As for makeup, I’ve always been one to do my own from quite a young age. I was a little dancer growing up but I was somewhat late to start at age 11. Though this was a bonus, as I was old enough to experiment with my own makeup. I totally did not have a typical dance mum and I’m glad I was able to learn these skills myself. I will admit there was a point I actually used a glue stick to adhere glitter to my eyelids…It would seem the obsession began from a young age! 

Sadly nowadays, I tend to do a few very similar looks on repeat and find myself wishing I could spend hours on YouTube watching videos and learning new skills. But its always a matter of a lack of time to fit it in! 

After having my makeup done on two occasions by the talented Melody Caitlin, I was so happy with the result! This woman’s cut crease is to die for, so she was the person I went running to when wanting a lesson! 

Melody came over to my place and walked me through both the process and the products she recommended and uses. Naturally, I’m a process kinda gal so I found this incredibly handy! Melody even made me a hand out after the lesson so I had a step by step guide to practice with. If you want to up your skills, book a session with Melody. I highly recommend it!

*Melody’s magic! Shot by Belle Vous Boudoir: @brisbane_boudoir

Follow Melody at: @melodycaitlinmua

Now, here’s hoping I can make myself look half decent with these new and developing skills! If all else fails, you’ll hear me cursing from a bathroom near you! 



Lucy Luxe does Viva Las Vegas! Part 1: Entry and Announcement

In a vow to remember as much of my Viva Las Vegas Pinup Contest Experience and to be able to share this experience with other women, I’ll be keeping a blog in the lead up to the big weekend in April!

So here’s to the first post! Let’s see how I go at sticking to posting regularly!

Being a judge’s pick for the VLV 20 Pinup Contest is such an honour and one I am so incredibly grateful for! This is the third time I have entered the contest and it’s been a dream of mine to have the opportunity to be involved in any sense for numerous years now. My partner and I had already planned and booked our trip to the USA, so I was excited already and being chosen for the comp is definitely the sweetest cherry on top!

Pinup has become such an important part of my life that has really aided me in growing into myself. I know that comment might sound incredibly wanky, but it’s true! Having a platform that encourages being and challenging oneself has been really beneficial and has played a pivotal role in sharping the woman I am today. I’m so excited to meet other women from all over the world who share this passion!

In this post I want to talk about my amazing experience shooting with Sherbet Birdie who are the talented bunch responsible for my entry photos this year.

Shooting with Sasha and Lucy has been on my pinup bucket list for over five years since first seeing their work. In 2016, I decided what better a reason to finally treat myself than to shoot my entry photos for my third attempt at scoring a very special spot at Viva!


For anyone tossing up whether to indulge in a Sherbet Birdie shoot package, the only answer is YES and you’re about to find out why!

Sasha’s service (and Sasha as a human) really is second to none. In the lead up to the shoot, you have a wonderful phone call together where you can talk about your vision for the shoot and Sasha can ask you a series of questions to get to know you a little better and to prepare you for the shoot. You immediately feel as though you know and love this woman irrespective of whether you’ve actually met in person as of yet!

Sasha, Lucy and Luna greeted me with open arms when I arrived at the studio down in Sydney after an early morning rise and flight. Then the fun began!

As someone who shoots most weeks, it was so lovely to actually pop my feet up and be pampered. I didn’t have to worry about whether my hair was going to behave, whether my winged eyeliner was even or if my false lashes were going to stick. I just sat back and let Lucy the expert have at my hair and face! Wonderful! This woman tamed my locks like no one ever has. I still can’t believe it’s actually my hair in the shots!

Did I mention I was munching on Sydney’s best macaroons and sipping Moet while all of this was happening? Are you sold yet?!


Getting down to the actual shooting with Sasha was so much fun. She knows how to make you feel comfortable and really capture you having a good time and being yourself. She’s mastered the art of those little tweaks that turn an okay shot into an amazing one and it made selecting my favourites very difficult…because they were all good!

Seeing the final results, I was totally over the moon and so happy to have achieved something I’d been dreaming about long term. I was super excited to finally release them upon entering the contest.

I had the entry date marked in my diary and was one of the first ladies to submit my entry form and photos. The entry remained open for a little longer than previous years and it was exciting seeing the pool of perfect pinups grow during this time! I checked back every few days to see the gorgeous new additions and felt myself getting more and more excited with each day that passed. Being added to the entrant group on Facebook meant all entrants could all have the pleasure of getting to meet one another online and start getting to know each other. I found this really wonderful and special to be interacting with other women from all over the world who share a common interest and love.

Once entries closed, it certainly was an anxious wait! No doubt it was an incredibly difficult decision for this year’s judges, who had to choose just five out of around 180 entrants who were all stunning. The 6th lucky lady is actually chosen by all of the contestants which I think would be such an incredible spot to own, knowing how much the other ladies appreciate you already! This year it went to the gorgeous Boston Bombshell (who I’m yet to meet but already know I’m gonna like cause she is just one lovely doll!) Reading the profiles of these gorgeous women makes you realise the amazing stories they all have to tell and the successes they have all achieved. Such an amazing bunch!

We all waited, closing watching our inboxes for the email Rockwell had been telling us to expect! What seemed like an eternity was only a day or two of constant email checking!
It was a message from Australian pinup pal Ivy Fox congratulating me that alerted me to the fact I was somehow, one of the chosen ladies in the top 6! I couldn’t believe it! Checking the email for myself I then swung around in my office chair and exclaimed to my colleague that I was one of the lucky ladies! This day shall forever be known as “Viva Day” (as not a lot of other work got done after the announcement!)

I was truly blown away by the beautiful messages of congratulations and encouragement from people here in my local pinup group. It’s these people that put their faith and belief in me and assist me to have the same faith and belief in myself (something that often, isn’t an easy task for me). I consider myself very lucky to have so many people supporting me and it really showcase the amazing relationships and friendships that have come into my life since pinup did! I think back to the first pinup/rockabilly event I attended and I knew no one…it’s a stark contrast to attending these events now and that to me, is what it’s all about.

Now comes the fun and excitement of knowing I’ll be attending my first international event where I’ll have the pleasure of shining on stage with 11 other beauties from across the globe in an even organised by one serious boss lady whom I truly idolize: The amazing Miss Rockwell DeVil . I can’t wait to meet the beautiful five ladies also in the top 6: Lily White, Radmila Rocky Zombie, Miss Lillian Love, Daria Tarasova and Boston Bombshell and am excited to see who the other beautiful ladies will be to make up the top 12!

Don’t forget: There is a pool of babes waiting for your votes, as the remaining 6 places will be determined by public voting. Go and vote for your favourite pinup lady here!

Stay tuned for my next post and thanks for reading!


Miss Wings and Wheels

I was excited to be a part of the second annual Miss Wings and Wheels Pinup Contest held at the Caboolture Warplane and Flight Heritage Museum on September 6 2015.


One of the things that excited me the most about the contest, was the freedom to get creative with the”My Inspiration” category. The idea of this category was to allow all of the entrants to show off one of their vintage/pinup inspirations or idols…and I knew exactly who I wanted to be for the day!

Miss Wings and Wheels entrants were chosen on a first in basis and there ended up being quite a large number of lovely ladies involved. The more the merrier I say!
It was great to have the opportunity to catch up with some old friends and make some new ones. Despite being fairly buggered from the busy months preceding the event, I wound up really enjoying the day and not really wanting to go home!

We met at the hanger early on Sunday morning and prepared for our daywear round. There were a few nervous first timer pinups among us and I must say, I just love seeing the juxtaposition of thoughts and emotions before and after going on stage! Such a contrast and one of many reasons I just love being a part of events like this. It’s such a thrill to be surrounded by women who are challenging, empowering and surprising themselves.

For my daywear, I wore a cute vintage number I have picked up at Greazefest in August. I carried the pale pink and blue theme through to my props and accessories and had a cute little pastel pinup picnic thing going on. It was lots of fun!


Photo by Bill Struthers


Photo by Bill Struthers

Bill Struthers

Photo by Bill Struthers

A quick outfit change and we were ready to hit the stage again. This time, for the inspiration round. I had drawn inspiration from one of my favourite 50s ladies: Ann Miller!

My blurb about Ann read:
“Ann Miller was known for her performances in Hollywood musicals of the 40s and 50s.  A true triple threat, she could dance, sing and act, and she did so with the utmost beauty and style.
Whether dressed in a sparkly showgirl outfit, or an elegant gown, she was a picture of Hollywood perfection and it is this that inspires Lucy on her own pinup path.”


Photo by Bill Struthers


Photo by Bill Struthers

I made my outfit based on a costume Ann herself wore in the musical Easter Parade (1948).
I threw in a few impromptu taps in my tap shoes to surprise the audience and truly had a ball pretending to be a glam film star.

Before we knew it we were back out to hear the judges picks and I was both surprised and thrilled to hear my name called for 1st runner up.
I had the pleasure of standing alongside 2nd runner up Ivy Dynamite and winner Terina Smith.
The beautiful Miss Velvet Crush took out best Daywear and Miss Foxy Rocket took the title of best Inspiration (in THE MOST amazing gown ever!).


Photo by Bill Struthers








Photo by Bill Struthers

Photo by Bill Struthers


All in all, it was a really enjoyable day out with a bunch of lovely ladies!





Miss Pinup Australia 2015 Post 9: The National Grand Final Wrap Up!

Well the sparkles have settled and now I finally have a spare moment, I want to write about the wonderful experience that was the Miss Pinup Australia National Grand Finale down in Melbourne!

I want to round off my blog with the spectacular three days I spent finally meeting some very important individuals in the flesh, learning a fun routine together and formally completing the MPA journey for this year.

My National Grand Finale experience began with an early start…A very early start indeed.

Day 1:

Up and at em! Ready to fly out to Melbourne.

Up and at em! Ready to fly out to Melbourne.

I dragged my butt out of bed at 3AM in order to be organised to catch my 6:40AM flight. Now when I say dragged, I’m lying. I was awake most of the night as I knew I would be. Bubbling with excitement and a little bit of nerves about the days that lay ahead!
I caught my first uber to the airport successfully and provided entertainment for many onlooking travellers as I struggled with my 52kg of luggage…just shy of my own weight in fact. Needless to say, there was no need for concern about fitting in some exercise on this day!

My 52 Kg of luggage. Come on muscles: Don't fail me now!

My 52 Kg of luggage. Come on muscles: Don’t fail me now!

I was surprised that despite the early hour, lots of people were noticing and actually commenting on my vintage look and hair styling. Nothing quite like a kind compliment to start the day!

The beautiful Miss Roxie Snow contacted me just before my flight took off, to ask me if I would like a lift from the airport. How kind! I jumped on board the pinup wagon and looked forward to meeting both Miss Roxie and also the divine Miss Rouge Pearl who Roxie had also kindly offered to collect.

I kept myself busy during my flight, surprisingly not looking over poses and what not, but preparing for one of three job interviews I was to have in the week following. Never a dull moment!

On my way Melbourne!

On my way Melbourne!

The flight went quick and before I knew it, I was graced with the gorgeous dolled up face of Miss Roxie as I touched down in Melbourne. I still owe this pretty a piece of cake for her kindness and generosity.

Arrived in Melbourne to this beauty: Miss Roxie Snow!

Arrived in Melbourne to this beauty: Miss Roxie Snow!

Miss Rouge was delayed, so we took the time to stop and refuel with caffeine. I also took the time to do a quick mid airport change, eyelash and lipstick application. Hey, I’m a gal on the go!

By the time I was finished caffeinating and dolling up, Miss Rouge arrived! What a little pocket rocket this one is! Just like Miss Roxie, offering to help me with my many bags and assuring me she was used to carrying a million things as a busy mum. Inspiration central right here!

Look who we found! The beautiful Miss Rouge Pearl

Look who we found! The beautiful Miss Rouge Pearl

Time had flown by and it was time to swing past Miss Roxie’s accommodation to pick up Miss Wurple and head on off to our first day of rehearsals at Circus Oz.

Car selfie! Touch down in Melbourne and ready for a big day!

Car selfie! Touch down in Melbourne and ready for a big day!

Arriving and finally getting to meet everyone was so incredibly exciting. It was also strange too, in the sense that it was kind of like we were already old friends in a way. We had all been following each other through various stages of the journey and seen lots of photos, posts and messages from each other.

All the pinups gather at Circus Oz. Miss Cleopatra Portman, Miss Lorelei Jean, Miss Wurple Violet, Miss Roxie Snow, Miss Rouge Pearl and I

All the pinups gather at Circus Oz. Miss Cleopatra Portman, Miss Lorelei Jean, Miss Wurple Violet, Miss Roxie Snow, Miss Rouge Pearl and I

After all the meeting and greeting was done, we headed inside to get down to business and hastily begin learning the opening number.We also talked about how the grand final would run and cleared up any questions ahead of the big night.

We managed to fit in a quick lunch break, where I began filming the personal thank you videos for Miss Pixie. Although we all put in for a gift from all of us, I wanted to give Miss Pixie a little something from myself to thank her for all her hard work and efforts in organising and running the competition for us. What better, then a whole bunch of thank you messages from all those involved in the grand final! A lot of my actual day job centres around video and it pained me to shoot this on an ipad with no proper audio gear….but I couldn’t fit any of that in with the rest of my 52kg so I had to make do!

With the Queen of the selfies Miss Roxie Snow, hiding my personalised headpiece which was still a secret at this point!

With the Queen of the selfies Miss Roxie Snow, hiding my personalised headpiece which was still a secret at this point!

Day 1 rehearsals done! Thanks for the mirror selfie Miss Nasya!

Day 1 rehearsals done! Thanks for the mirror selfie Miss Nasya!

We had fun rehearsing into the evening until it was time for a bite at The Noble Experiment – owned and operated by the multi-talented Miss Pinup Australia 2014 Miss Cherry Fizz! It was nice to wind down together over some delicious food and drinks after a busy travel and rehearsal filled day! Thanks for having us Miss Cherry!

Thank goodness for Miss Roxie and her selfie stick...or I'd have no photos to remember the weekend by!

Thank goodness for Miss Roxie and her selfie stick…or I’d have no photos to remember the weekend by!

I was slowly booting down and the lovely Miss Roxie dropped my luggage and I off at my accommodation. After a quick encouragement call with Dave, I ventured out into the cold to Coles to grab some snacks and supplies to fuel me over the days ahead and retreated home to bed to catch some Z’s before tackling day 2.

Day 2:

This was it! The final day to finish learning the opening number and practice, practice, practice!
My day got off to a good start with hair that I thought had behaved itself and a cute coat to keep me warm.

The only thing I like about gold weather...coats!

The only thing I like about gold weather…coats!

The day took a slight turn when the coffee man was slow and made us late and sans said coffee…and all my hair fell out.

Shortly before my hair completely lost it with Miss Roxie Snow

Shortly before my hair completely lost it with Miss Roxie Snow

But fear not! Miss Wurple to the rescue! She fixed my hair AND I managed to pop out and finally get the coffee I was after during lunch! I returned to quickly whiz through all those still needing to record a thank you for Miss Pixie, trying to get them all done while she was out to lunch herself!

Rehearsal fun!

Rehearsal fun!

How you know when lots of pinups are lipstick EVERYWHERE :P

How you know when lots of pinups are around…red lipstick EVERYWHERE 😛

During lunch, I also presented everyone with their magic wand gifts I had prepared in advance. For states, I had made cupcakes for everyone….but travelling with 25 cupcakes just wasn’t going to fly! I also wanted to give everyone a little something they could keep to remember their experience this year. The response was well worth the hours that went into make all the individuals name tags and putting them all together. I got lots of cuddles and kisses and thank yous and was so happy to leave a little piece of me with everyone.

Miss Wurple shortly after I gave her her wand...I think she liked it!

Miss Wurple shortly after I gave her her wand…I think she liked it!

Pinup Huddle! With Miss Wurple, Miss Von Ruby and Miss Stormy <3

Pinup Huddle! With Miss Wurple, Miss Von Ruby and Miss Stormy ❤

With the one and only Phoenix Divine.

With the one and only Phoenix Divine.

The magic wands I made for all the entrants. Mr Phoenix Divine got a car too, just in case all of the pink glitter was too feminine!

The magic wands I made for all the entrants. Mr Phoenix Divine got a car too, just in case all of the pink glitter was too feminine!

We finished of the opening number and with many a cheers and celebrations we set to preparing and practicing our poses for when each category entered the stage as a group at the end of each round. I think everyone’s brains had long switched off at this point, as we were all struggling to remember what we were coming up with! Absolute shocker!

It was definitely time to call it quits, head home and get pretty ahead of the National Meet and Greet. I headed home and touched up my makeup and set to editing the video for Miss Pixie! I was a little late arriving to the Meet and Greet and this was why… Call off the search party guys!

The meet and greet was held at the fabulous Aloha Sailor Bar, beneath The Noble Experiment. Definitely worth a look if you are ever adventuring in Melbourne town. It was nice to see everyone all dolled up and donning their tiaras and sashes while sipping on a cocktail. It was great knowing that all our rehearsing was done and that as this time the next night, we would all be showing off our months of hard work and preparations on stage at the grand finale! Excitement levels were definitely high!

I really enjoyed getting to meet and spend more time with Miss Grace Ann Divine throughout the competition. She's an absolute sweetheart.

I really enjoyed getting to meet and spend more time with Miss Grace Ann Divine throughout the competition. She’s an absolute sweetheart.

At the Meet & Greet with Miss Wurple.

At the Meet & Greet with Miss Wurple.

With these beauties: Miss Rouge Pearl and Miss Stormy Winters

With these beauties: Miss Rouge Pearl and Miss Stormy Winters

Glammed and crowned on up with Miss Roxie Snow!

Glammed and crowned on up with Miss Roxie Snow!

M\y QLD gals and I representing at the Meet & Greet!

M\y QLD gals and I representing at the Meet & Greet!

Pretty in pink with the gorgeous Miss Snowy Winters

Pretty in pink with the gorgeous Miss Snowy Winters

It was also great to get the chance to meet some of the special friends and other halves of those in the competition. It’s so wonderful to see peoples support networks and how they have helped them get to a certain point.

I too, was excited, as my wonderful man was flying in as I was at the meet and greet!
Once I had said my goodbyes, I shuffled home in the cold (but still looking glamorous due to tiara) to eagerly await Dave!

I set about getting my hair into a wet set, which due to my long locks is always quite a mean feat! Not long after I finished, I was rewarded with the arrival of my beautiful man! I was so relieved to finally have him there. My calm during the storm he is! We both got ready for what I hoped would be a good night’s sleep ahead of the big night itself!

Grand Final Day!

I awoke after what was a surprisingly okay sleep. The night before the Queensland state final had been a rough one due to the overwhelming nerves and excitement and also the discomfort of those cute little pink rollers. Don’t let their cuteness deceive you: they are fairly uncomfortable!

Wet set in and ready for the big day!

Wet set in and ready for the big day!

So I was happy to feel somewhat rested! Dave and I set about getting some of my props set up and organising how we were going to get them to the venue, walking from our accommodation.

I got a coffee fix and some more supplies from Coles (mostly to meet my sugar requirements for the day. Hello marshmallows and party mix!)

After that, I just took my time getting ready. My hair is always a mission. Sometimes it will miraculously behave. Then there are the times it just…doesn’t. It was going to be one of those days. Poor Dave tried to nap while I cursed at my hair and hair tools. Bless him for ducking out to grab me a coffee and try and keep me calm amidst my hair rage.

Although it took forever, I finished right on schedule and we started our short walk to Circus Oz. Mind you, it didn’t feel so short carting all my stuff with us! All of the props! This is something my Dad would refer to as a “character building” experience.

Upon arrival, we quickly got everything set up and labelled and Dave headed off to wait for show start while I got to practicing the opening number with all my other lovelies!

It was interesting mapping it out on the stage for the first time and we only really had enough time to go through it twice in the venue ahead of show start. There were a few moments of stress but we realised we were all in the same boat and as long as we carried ourselves with confidence and conviction, the audience would enjoy it regardless. I always remind myself that the audience doesn’t know how it’s supposed to look, so as long as you carry out every move and own it, you’ll have the audience convinced and transfixed!

We headed in to all attach our beautiful personalised headpieces that Miss Pixie HAND MADE for all of us and started getting amped up for the show!

The gorgeous personalised headpiece Miss Pixie made for all of us!

The gorgeous personalised headpiece Miss Pixie made for all of us!

To be perfectly honest, from here on out, everything is a blur of quick changes, candy fuel ups and a whole lot of fun. I wish I could remember more of it…but I guess the motivation at the time was to get all the clothes on for the next round, make it out on stage and have a damn good time. And that, I did!

Finally got a quick selfie with the gorgeous Miss Jade Serpentine <3

Finally got a quick selfie with the gorgeous Miss Jade Serpentine ❤

Evening wear....

Evening wear….

With the beautiful Miss Roxie Snow before talent round.

With the beautiful Miss Roxie Snow before talent round.

I had a few conversations with my pinup family backstage and many were saying they were happier with their performances at their state event. I had to admit, I did feel the same in some respects. But honestly, I just had such a ball out of stage that it didn’t matter. All the weeks of preparation and planning and hard behind the scenes work were all coming together and for me, that was a prize in itself.

And then, came this feeling of sadness…that it was all over.
Even before presentation, I felt a bit empty…because it was all done. It’s odd, because during all the times of stress and tears, you think it will be a feeling of relief in some respects. Sure, it’s an excited feeling too, because YOU JUST DID IT! YOU NAILED IT! But I was immediately thinking…in a matter of an hour, this formal part of the journey will come to a close.

I guess that right there, speaks for itself in terms of what I have gained from being a part of Miss Pinup Australia and how much it has meant to me along the way.

One thing I do remember and always love seeing, is just how helpful everyone is back stage. Just like states, I needed help getting into my corset (thank you Miss Lorelei Jean) and my suspender clips (thank you Miss Wurple Violet). Anything you needed, someone was there to help. Also, the beautiful Miss Stormy Winters noticed I had been a little stressed throughout the night and stopped me to ask if I was okay. Bless you Stormy, for noticing the slight dull in my sparkle. Damn Stress! Got to thank the beautiful Miss Mae Em too, who also noticed this upon arrival and swiftly gave me a big snuggle!

I got to packing up all my stuff while votes were tallied as we all knew we were required to make a swift exit leaving the venue nice and tidy. I was all dressed in my eveningwear ready for presentation, but that didn’t stop me: I was outside in the car park…in my vintage prom gown…armed with a screwdriver collapsing my props down! Sisters are doin’ it for themselves!

With all the packing up, presentation time snuck up quickly. I was super excited to hear and see the results and it didn’t disappoint! It was so wonderful to see the shock in the surprised faces and the excited tears that followed from a number of the National title holders. It was an exciting moment even for those who didn’t take home a title. We shared in the celebration of the growth of all those awarded and it’s not about the titles anyway.

When the beautiful Miss Vee Dub was announced as Miss Perfect for 2015! We were all so excited for her!

When the beautiful Miss Vee Dub was announced as Miss Perfect for 2015! We were all so excited for her!

A huge congratulations to EVERYONE: Title holders AND all the other entrants. As far as I’m concerned we are all winners and our prize is seeing the growth and change in ourselves, and also sharing in the journeys of those on the path with us.

And of course, I can never say enough of a thank you to Miss Pixie: the woman who drives this whole thing. Thank you for putting all of yourself into this for us. We know this means making many a sacrifice in your own life, missing out on a lot of time with your family among many other things. A special thanks to Miss Nasya, Mr Gage and Mr Aaron for lending us your lady!

Upon reflection, I really did undergo a journey that I could never have imagined.
This was different to the few other competitions I have been involved in, in that you really did funnel so much time, thought and effort into your performance. But through this, you learn so much about yourself and also the support network behind you.

For me, it highlighted the important people in my life who care and really wanted to be there to support me. This is sometimes something I have a tendency to forget. It also holds the power to highlight those who maybe don’t care as much as you thought they did and can show you how much things have changed.
For me, the other competitions I have been involved in were a stark contrast to this one because I went from having a partner who clearly wasn’t very invested in it all and didn’t care too much, to having someone who went truly above and beyond to support me.

This time around, I have seen the incredible difference having a supportive partner makes. Dave treated this journey as though it was his own. He was the one encouraging me to push on through the meltdowns, helping me organise my props and ensuring they were polished and perfected and bringing my brainstorms and ideas to life. I honestly couldn’t have done all this without him and I think although it has been stressful at times, it’s those times that bring you together and actually test your ability to work as a team. Well honey, I think we aced it! We are one hell of a team and I love you more than words can adequately sum up! Thank you.

My calm in the storm <3

My calm in the storm ❤

I have had some incredibly supportive friends along the way too. Special mention to Alex, Evie, Elly and Gen for all your words of encouragement and listening to me while I talked about all this for months on end!

My beautiful friends: Elly and Gen <3

My beautiful friends: Elly and Gen ❤

My family have been super supportive and proud from a distance too, which has really made me feel quite special and loved. And that is what this is all about.

As I said in my poem: it’s not about sashes, tiaras or fame. I may not have brought home a sparkly crown, a blinging sash or a title from Nationals… What I brought home is stowed away safely in my heart and mind:

I have a new bunch of friends who have all kicked some serious butt and challenged themselves in ways they never imagined. Two days spent with these beauties just wasn’t enough and I am already looking forward to an MPA reunion!

I am more aware of how lucky I am have certain people in my life and am even surprised by how proud of me they all are.

I also have a better sense of my own worth and value and just how much I am capable of. I came into this feeling a lot less secure and questioning my capabilities. By no means am I saying that from now on, I’m gonna get up in the morning, love what I see and never question anything ever again.

But deep down, I know that I am one strong and beautiful woman…and I’m never going to let anyone take that away from me again. Never.