Sirens Swimwear

try5_3 Rarely do I hear women express excitement about swimwear shopping. Sure, the new bikini is cute but the experience you went through to find it… Not so much. There’s something about that florescent change room lighting and the mirror all up in your face; neither of which, work wonders for ones self-esteem when trying to choose the togs you’ll be hitting the beach in this summer. Well fear not! The dream of trying on all of the bikini candidates in the comfort of your own home is no longer just a distant dream. Australian company Sirens Swimwear are bringing their beautiful designs to you in your home with their Try 5 at Home service. Goodbye bad lighting. Hello gorgeous! It’s as simple at selecting five pairs of swimmers you’d like to try and paying a $199 deposit + $15 postage and handling. Before you know it, an exciting parcel full of gorgeous goodies will be arriving on your door step. You can read all about the finer details here. Don’t worry: Your deposit will go towards your togs of choice. If your choice costs less than your deposit, you’ll be refunded the difference. Choosing five was no easy task in itself, but trying them on was a whole heap of fun!
The Harmony Bikini in Cocktail Black Gingham.
Grace Retro One Piece in Lights of Vegas.
The Marilyn Swimdress in Cocktail Black Spot.
The Harmony Bikini in Grace.
I’m indecisive at the best of times and found the Try 5 at Home really helpful. I also found it interesting that the pair I chose, weren’t the pair I thought I would when making my selections! I decided on the gorgeous Harmony Bikini in Bold Bouquet. This is not he kind of colours or print I would normally gravitate towards, but once I saw it on, I had to make it mine!
The Harmony Bikini in Bold Bouquet – All Photos by David Gatt
The Try 5 at Home service meant I was able to select from a larger pool of options. I could also take my time in doing so because I was in my living room as opposed to in a tiny, hot and poorly lit change cubicle. Winning all round! As the first days of summer are now upon us, I highly recommend the Try 5 at Home service to anyone facing the scary swimwear shopping showdown. Find the cute bikini without the horror experience! Check out the full range of beautiful beach wear at Sirens Swimwear.