My Cherry Trainers

I’m over the moon with my My Cherry Trainer …It’s a waist trainers dream!

It’s easy to put on and remove yourself with no assistance – even with my epic long claws! The fabric is stretchy but sturdy meaning comfort while still achieving a beautifully cinched waist. Working in a job where I often encounter whole days sitting at a computer, I find wearing the trainer encourages better awareness of my posture and encourages me to sit up straight and avoid my standard hunchback stance.

My job can also be physically demanding and require a lot of movement: Walking, bending and lifting things. I found the trainer still allowed me my standard movement with little restriction. This is something I have found slightly more difficult when wearing steel boned corsets in the past.

The other great thing about the design and materials of the trainer is that it is easily hidden under clothing. One thing I have experienced with steel boned corsets is that they can be a little difficult to disguise depending on what you are wearing. I found this was much less of a problem due to the sleek and snug fit of the My Cherry Trainer.

Plus it comes in this awesome hot pink leopard print. I think I would have liked it based on this alone, without all the other awesome points I’ve outlined!

Big thanks to @mycherrytrainers for this awesome product! You can get your own here:


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