Miss Pinup Australia Post 1: Preparations and B.T.S

Well, as promised, here is my first blog about Miss Pinup Australia 2015. (Let’s see if I can keep my word and continue on after this one!)

I’m hoping to use the blog to discuss the behind the scenes preparations and goings on as an MPA contestant and to also discuss the official events in detail (as there will no doubt be lots of exciting things to report on!).

I am often asked questions by lots of lovely ladies who are curious about pinup pageants/contests, and I am always happy to spruik the many amazing benefits of being involved in such initiatives! But let it be known, Miss Pinup Australia IS NOT a pinup competition as such: It is more about the inner journey (more about that later!)

Now, we are currently just days out from our official MPA workshop and meet and greet…but there have been lots of preparations going on in the lead up to this by both the competition organisers and contestants.

The Miss Pinup Australia journey is one that begins well ahead of the official events themselves. The contestants prepared their entries at the bottom end of the year before the competition and start thinking about how they will approach the competition.

With MPA, you are to have a theme that you will carry through the various rounds: Daywear, swimwear, lingerie and talent. There is also eveningwear for the lovely ladies who make it through to the grand final.

In the lead up to this weekend, I have been a busy bee working through various phases of preparation.

The choosing of a theme was a difficult task for me, as I initially struggled to find something that I thought I could successfully carry through to ALL of the rounds. I also wanted something that was relevant for me as an individual and for my pinup persona too!

Fear not! I found something I was fond of eventually (which I’ll keep under wraps for now).
This was helped by watching previous DVD’s (care of the lovely past competitor Miss Scarlett Tinkerbelle) to help give me an idea of what ladies have done in the past.

I had been brainstorming in an Evernote list and the note section on my phone for quite some time before finally reaching something I felt was strong and could (hopefully) be successfully communicated to the audience easily.

With a theme under my belt, I began hunting for bits and pieces: Clothing, accessories and props. What could I make, where could I source things? The world is my vintage oyster!
Given I am entered into the Miss Perfect category, everything must be true vintage…so this means lots of hunting! Luckily my Mum (whom I often refer to as “The Ebay Queen”) has taught me well. I’m always on the lookout for a bargain and have my bidding finger at the ready! I’m pleased with the bits and pieces I have collected thus far and hope they tie in nicely with my theme and story line. Ultimately, I want the audience to get it!

Ahead of the Workshop and Meet and Greet weekend I think I have just about everything I need…bar a few bits and pieces here and there!

I am beyond excited to meet all the other Queensland contestants.
One of the things I enjoy most about being involved in such competitions is the wonderful people you meet along the way. I don’t doubt Miss Pinup Australia will be any different and I will soon have the addition of some more lovely ladies to my pinup possie!

My next blog will discuss how the workshops and Meet and Greet go this weekend so stay tuned!




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