Miss Pinup Australia 2015 Post 6: The Queensland State Final 2015

I’ve now had a few days to sit back and reflect on what was a truly amazing weekend at the Miss Pinup Australia QLD State final for 2015.

And oh, what a weekend it was!

Returning to work after such an amazing weekend has been a little more on the dull side of things…but I won’t bore you with that! Let’s get to the exciting stuff!

Time to tuck yourself in, grab a cuppa and indulge in a blow by blow of my MPA State experience.

Over the past few weeks, myself and the other entrants have been busy pinups, putting those finishing touches on our routines, buying those last few bits and pieces to complete our outfits and getting a little more nervous and excited with each day.

I am a creature of habit. I like organisation and I don’t really like surprises (unless they are good ones that involve cake). Thus, I had taken it upon myself to be as organised as possible with everything!

Outfit wise, there were only a couple of small last minute things I purchased that I could have gone without in the event they didn’t arrive!

With my routines, I set them all in stone, practiced them for a week and then revisited them again to change a few poses I wasn’t one hundred percent sold on.

My talent routine I had been practicing wherever I got the chance. I live in a small place with a housemate who probably doesn’t want to hear me tapping about the house in the wee hours of the morning (when I tend to be the most productive). I kept my tap practice for when he wasn’t at home. As for my singing, I’d been practicing that in the shower (of course) and anywhere where funny looks are limited (walking to the bus is okay…on the bus…not so much!)

Alas, when Saturday swung round, I was feeling fairly cool, calm and collected.

I’ve had a fair bit going on that has been out of my control of late including changing in staffing at work and a few things catching up on me emotionally. So it boded well that this was something I could enjoy and didn’t have to stress about.

I popped my hair into a wet set on Friday night and prepared myself for what I knew was going to be a fairly uncomfortable night’s sleep. Mind you, it actually worked for the first time in a long time so it was well worth it in the end!

Set and ready to go in my wet set!
Set and ready to go in my wet set!

Saturday morning I spent making a delicious, hearty scrambled egg breaky for Dave and I and then moved onto baking a batch of cupcakes to take along with me in the interest of keeping my fellow entrants sugar and happiness levels up on the night. There were a few testing moments with the icing not being my friend and I nearly threw in the towel! If it hadn’t have been for the love and support of my lovely Dave, there may not have been delicious cupcakes on Saturday night!

MPA themed cupcakes with ALL of the sprinkles.
MPA themed cupcakes with ALL of the sprinkles.

Meanwhile Dave was putting the finishing touches on my amazing dressing room table prop and the thumbtacks were giving him grief too. I had to stifle my giggles a little…but we had a good laugh about it in hindsight!

Before I knew it, it was lunch time and time to start tackling the beast that is my hair. I can see why ladies of the fifties kept their locks short let me tell you! I was pleasantly surprised to see my wet set was a success and I had lovely, curly, bouncy, doll-like hair… #SUCCESS!

I was able to pop three victory rolls in without too many problems and style the back of my hair into the first style for the night. Meanwhile my amazing man had packed the car and was ready to go… #swoon.

A quick afternoon snack and we were on our way ahead of schedule: The best way to be! Miss Pixie had recommended we be prepared and punctual and I was happy to be both of those things.

All cosy and ready for the night ahead in my MPA jacket.
All cosy and ready for the night ahead in my MPA jacket.

Upon arriving at the venue, I know myself and a few of the other ladies were a little thrown as we were in a different room to what we had thought and this meant entering from the opposite side of the stage. I tried not to worry too much about it and focus on telling myself it would all still be okay and to just factor the minor change in.

I was becoming more and more concerned about how I was to go about hoisting my gigantic dressing table up on the stage…but again, tried to think positive and tell myself all my Les Mills Instructor powers would kick in and my muscles would save the day!

A few standard waivers were signed and we had a chat about the running order of the night before retreating to the dressing rooms to get ready for daywear ahead of the guests arriving at 8PM.

Somehow in amongst all this, I missed my sound check. Uh Oh!

Now is probably a good time for me to highlight that before Saturday evening, I had never sung in public or into a mic before…so missing the sound check did make the butterflies in my tummy a little more present! But again, I tried to think positive and accept the challenge!

Starting time swung round and before we all knew it, we were lined up in order and ready to hit the stage for the first time!
I think the nerves were most certainly high at this point! The first time is undoubtedly the worst in terms of nerves and then everyone loosens up throughout the night.

Miss Pixie introduced us all as we entered the stage and we then exited ready to jump straight into daywear.

I was fairly nervous but felt fairly comfortable with my poses for this round.
The music started a little quickly and due to a few tiny hitches (opening and closing a vintage suitcase wearing vintage gloves is never seamless!), I only got 4 of my 5 poses done and I was definitely more rushed than I would have liked to be! Although, seeing the photos today, I am surprised to see I looked like I was having a ball and not a nervous wreck! Winner!

It all went so quick and before I knew it I was skipping off the stage!
I jumped back up with the lovely Satine for the judges to have a good look at our outfits.
(I’m going to save a detailed description of my outfits for my blog following the grand final  )

After exiting the stage, it was a hop, a skip and a dash back to the dressing room for the quickest change ever! Luckily, myself and a few other ladies were smart cookies and had our whole swimwear outfit ready to go underneath our daywear. A gal has gotta save time where she can!

I was concerned about my locks (which always cause me troubles) but I was able to get them up into a do without too much trouble.Then it was back out for the swimwear round.

My main hitch in this round was not being able to keep my balance! One of my poses was on one leg and I just couldn’t hold it for the life of me because my footing was all off. I just tried to make it somewhat trivial and keep on smiling. The least you can do is make the audience laugh!

Off I skipped, back on for an outfit show off and back to the dressing room.
As the rest of the gals performed, we started prepping for the lingerie round which was to begin immediately following the intermission.

I popped my corset on (with the help of the lovely Frankie Mae) and then through my casual clothes on over the top. I was particularly nervous about the next two rounds, as there was a lot that could go wrong that I wasn’t feeling very confident about.

My gorgeous man made my vision came true and helped construct a portable dresser on wheels….that actually lit up! Now as per the rules, any props must be within a certain size restriction and must be carried on and off by you-no help! The stage was a little higher than I had envisioned and the stairs that were originally out of sight were now in plain view of the audience. I could just imagine the audience laughing at my epic struggle to get this beast on stage…all whilst dressed from head to toe in vintage lingerie! Because you do your best weight lifting while wearing a girdle right?!

I took the opportunity during the intermission to get my larger than life prop ready side stage and to psych myself up with the help of Dave.
“I reckon you got this! Just hoist it up on your side and lift it up on the stage.” You’ll have all the adrenalin going and you’ll just do it!” Dave encouraged me.

I also caught up with my gorgeous friends Elly and Gen who had come along to be my own personal cheer squad and I was so happy to have them there yelling Lucy til their lungs hurt!

My beautiful friends: Elly and Gen <3
My beautiful friends: Elly and Gen <3

I was lucky I headed back to the dressing room when I did, as more time had passed than I thought and I was a little more rushed getting ready than I would have liked to be. Big thanks to the gorgeous Jade Foxx for doing up my back suspender clips and the gorgeous Kitty Von Claws for doing up my necklace for me! Couldn’t have done it without you ladies!

It was go time! Time to get this magical work of art prop up on stage and do my props manager proud! To say I was nervous was an understatement, but I just told myself to go for it.

My name was called and I hoisted that bad boy up on my hip and onto the stage without a hitch. Girl power! I should take this moment to thank Les Mills for my muscles. Hehe!

The amazing dresser that was just a vision, made a reality by my Dave and his Dad! So sad I can't take this beast to Nationals with me!
The amazing dresser that was just a vision, made a reality by my Dave and his Dad! So sad I can’t take this beast to Nationals with me!

The lingerie round went quite well, but a few of the poses I changed quite late in the piece and then didn’t do them as well as I’d have liked. I was just happy to get my prop up and get an awesome reaction when I switched the pretty lights on! Dave and his Dad had been hard at work to get this beauty up and running and it was great to finally be able to show it off!
I should note just how wonderful Dave had been along the way, designing posters, some newspaper clippings, a gorgeous, glittery gold star and my Lucy Luxe printed director’s chair for me. I felt like I’d really put him to work, but he assured me he wanted to help out wherever possible. What a gem!

Okay. Three down and one to go! It was talent time!

As I mentioned earlier, I was pretty worried about singing for the first time in front of a group, but I wanted to set myself with a challenge.

There was a bit of an issue with the music, as it was faded in, which chopped off a whole bar at the front. I was able to just pick it up and start at the right spot which was good. I was surprised hearing my own voice fill the room, but boy did it feel good to exercise my lungs and my tapping toes too! It had been almost 10 years since I had tapped on a stage too and I had an absolute ball!

It was such a relief to have every round down and finally be able to relax and properly enjoy the company of the many gorgeous and talented women surrounding me. The atmosphere in the change room following the completion of the rounds was a much more calm and relaxed one. It was good to see a few gals tuck into the cupcakes I had brought along with me.

The gorgeous Satine and I after finishing the talent round.
The gorgeous Satine and I after finishing the talent round.
Post-talent performance selfie!
Post-talent performance selfie!

We all exchanged some back and forth about how we had gone out on the stage. The only unfortunate thing about BEING in a pageant, is you miss seeing all the pretty ladies for yourself! I only had the pleasure of seeing the beautiful Satine S’Allumer and Miss Kitty Von Claws as they were before and after me. But I only saw glimpses of the other ladies gorgeous outfits and props! Needless to say, I have very much enjoyed perusing the photos and seeing how stunning they all looked under the bright lights!

After a brief break for the judging to be completed, we were back on the stage for the big announcement.

First came the announcement of the runner up..


The look of shock and surprise on Vonnie’s face was just priceless. I felt super proud and happy for her as the crown was placed upon her head!

Next was the announcement of the winner of Miss Pinup QLD 2015.
When my name was called, I’m told my face was hilarious.

I couldn’t believe it! The gorgeous Miss Mae Em came at me armed with a crown and sash! Yep, this was actually happening! I awkwardly stood there with a big cheesy grin and elated look on my face which Liz, our amazing photographer, captured perfectly.

Wow! What a shock! I had not been expecting that!
I was greeted with kisses, cuddles and huge congratulations from my gorgeous man and friends and even strangers. I was touched by a lovely woman who said she followed me on Instagram and that I had done an awesome job too! How lovely!

A cuddle from my gorgeous friend and one of the first pinups i ever met, Miss Kitten Darling.
A cuddle from my gorgeous friend and one of the first pinups i ever met, Miss Kitten Darling.
With Miss Jade Foxx, Miss Illustrated QLD 2014.
With Miss Jade Foxx, Miss Illustrated QLD 2014.

I did find myself wishing at this point though, that everyone could take home a crown. I know how much effort, time and cash everyone puts into the preparing for a competition like this and it’s a shame that not everyone can win 🙁

I do know though, that the experience itself will always trump any crown or sash.

Down to the nitty gritty, this really has been a great experience.

As well as being something I have enjoyed organising and putting a great deal of time and effort to on the side of my normal 9 to 5 life, it has made me feel like I am very much a part of something, a tight knit community.

On the QLD MPA page, it has been great to see all the ladies helping each other out. All of the ladies had been offering advice, encouragement and support to those in need of it and that is such a wonderful thing to see. It also strongly contradicts the assumptions many make about pageants and competitions. That’s the thing about MPA: You are there to build each other up and I think it’s safe to say we look at each other as friends, not as competition.

I also love that everyone brings something completely different to the table. As we lined up to enter the stage for the first time, I looked around me and there was not one outfit or look the same! When I had been interviewed by the paper, they had asked what those coming along to the event should expect to see and I had said …. “Well, there are no set rules as to what constitutes pinup…and so people coming along can expect to see many different interpretations of pinup and what it means to each individual lady.”

At the risk of sounding like I’m tooting my own horn, I think this moment truly exhibited that and it was wonderful!

I’d like to say a special thank you to each and every person that helped this night come together.

First of all, the one and only Miss Pixie who the show could not run without!
This woman puts her heart and soul into organising MPA and I know this is because she can see the huge difference it continues to have in so many women’s lives.
So thank you Miss Pixie. We truly appreciate your time and effort.

To all the volunteers: Thank you for all the things you did for us throughout the night:

Miss Sassie Joan: Thanks for helping us up and down the stairs all night! Couldn’t have done it without you! (Well…we could have, but it likely would have involved lots of face plants!)

Miss Grace Ann Divine: Thanks for fielding all my many questions and for helping all of us side stage throughout the evening. You’re a fabulous props coordinator!

Miss Mae Em: Thanks for so kindly ushering us from the dressing room to the stage at the appropriate times! It definitely broke the ice!

Miss Jade Foxx: Thanks for buying us some extra changing time with your gorgeous performance and again for helping a sister out with her garter belts.

Miss Frankie Mae Felon: Girl! Thanks for showing us what you can do with fire (and for making those changes less quick as a result!). Thanks for helping me into my corset and for just being around to calm the nerves.

Miss Scarlet Tinkerbelle: Thanks for putting up with that noisy radio in order to help ensure the whole night ran smoothly for us and also for your tappa tappa tappa performance!

Miss Kitty Sapphire: Thanks for all your help and presence in the lead up to the big night and for being such a wonderful judge for us on the evening. SO pretty in pink!

Mr Phill Kustom: Thanks for always being your lovely self. Thanks for helping my carry the beast prop down into the backstage area and for devouring one of my cupcakes at the end of the night so I didn’t take it home and eat it myself! Thanks for being a judge for our event!

Mr Phoenix Divine: Thanks for assisting with your burly man power and for being a happy face to have around! You and Grace make for one hell of a team!

Elizabeth of Red Boots Photography: Thanks for being there to capture every special moment on the night. It’s so wonderful to have a record of these moments and we wouldn’t have this without you!

And to my beautiful fellow entrants:

Miss Diamond Divine
– Honey, I know how much preparation you have put into this, a lot of which you have been doing when you haven’t been feeling all that great and your body has been giving you grief. I am so proud to call someone as resilient as you, my friend! You are one hell of a woman and you should be proud of who you are and what you continue to achieve! I will always love you, our shared love for cake and your purple hair!

Miss Hanky Bannister
It’s been so wonderful meeting you through the contest this year and you looked truly incredible on Saturday evening (you gotta hook a sister up with wherever you are plucking those incredible hats from!) Well done on such a creative and awesome theme and for doing something out of the box! Serious kudo’s are in order!

Miss Kitty Von Claws
You were so helpful to me at various points in the evening and honestly calmed me having you with meside stage before each round. You also happened to bring marshmallows and musk sticks to share and that just made me fall in love with you even more! I loved your creativity with the fairy floss in your routine (again, you have won me over with more sweet things). You have a wonderful disposition and I thoroughly enjoyed your company!

Miss Ginger Pop
Okay, so I was amazed that you managed to stay awake after so little sleep. Let alone to make for the cutest pinup in the rain I have ever seen! Good on you for going to so much effort to be a part of MPA, despite the many huge and life altering changes taking place in your life at the same time! That is serious dedication and I hope you have given yourself a big pat on the back for doing so. I think you’ve earned another (fancy) 2 minute noodle packet for sure ;)!

Miss Satine S’Allumer
My lovely Satine! It’s been great getting to spend some more time with you after getting just a taster through burly! You have such a neat personality and I love that you bring such a unique and individual flair to everything that you do. I love that you are down to earth and don’t take yourself too seriously. Go girl!

Miss Trixie La Rouge
You’ve been such a busy bee, jet setting between Brisbane, Melbourne and Darwin! How do you do it! I admire your ability to multi-task (clearly!) and also your approach to things. You were so lovey and calm throughout what could have been a very stressful evening. You’re pretty much just a massive sweetheart. I hope you keep up your jet setting so we can catch up in Brisbane town!

Miss Sharne Deville
I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: I like you! I love your no bullshit *excuse my French approach to life and I love that you aren’t afraid to ask questions. You also seem to know and understand yourself very well-which is not an easy task and is one to be admired. I hope that in doing this competition, you too can now see what the rest of us see: A beautiful, strong and capable woman!

Miss Vonnie Violet
I am so proud of you and ecstatic I will have the pleasure of your company at the grand finals. I can see you have some such a long way just in the short time I have known you. Here’s to continuing to show yourself up and move higher and higher on the amazing chart, because that’s exactly what you are: AMAZING!

Miss Velvet Crush
You are the definition of sweetheart. I can see you have such a big heart and are one of those rare, deeply kind and caring people: A rare gem. Although I have not known you for a long time, I can see you have come such a long way during your time with MPA and it is truly astounding! I hope you are proud of who you are and how far you have come!
And of course, a big thank you to all of those who were working hard behind the scenes to the point I didn’t see them they were working so hard! Here’s hoping my weary Wednesday head hasn’t forgotten anything! Someone pull me up and give me a slap across the wrist if I have!

Onto some personal reflection now…This has been a truly amazing experience for me in which I have been able to challenge myself and build myself up again.

As much as it pains me to admit that someone so low could have an effect on me, my confidence really took a beating when my long term partner was unfaithful behind my back for several months before I came into the knowledge of it. Instead of questioning him, his poor actions and lack of morals, I was left (thankfully only momentarily) assessing what I had done wrong and whether I was to blame for the situation at hand. Stupid right?!

I took the MPA leap, in a hope of getting that confidence back and showing myself that I am a strong and beautiful woman. While I still need to talk myself into believing this some days, I feel this experience has definitely helped me regain some of the confidence lost and I have come out the other side feeling bigger and better than ever!

I should mention that having an actual man who is supporting, loving and all-round incredible has played a ginormous role in this confidence building. Dave, you continue to surprise me every single day. Cue corny, vomit-inducing call, but you have honestly shown me that knights in shining armor are something not only reserved for fairy tales. I love you!

My gorgeous man kicking back on Sunday after all his hard work was done.
My gorgeous man kicking back on Sunday after all his hard work was done.

The singing for me, was also a huge challenge and one I am so glad I set myself! I really enjoyed it and I guess, blew myself away a little just doing it (regardless of how good it actually sounded!)

With lots of other things going on in my personal and work life, it has been so nice to have something on the side to work towards for me. I am ecstatic I made it through to Nationals, purely as it now means meeting more inspiring pinup women and a whole extra month to keep working on my MPA side project!

I hope you have enjoyed reading about my Miss Pinup Australia 2015 State final experience.
I will keep you updated in my preparations for the National Grand Final which is a month away from tomorrow! Better hop to it!

If you have any specific questions, I am always more than happy to answer! Just drop me a line!



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