Miss Pinup Australia 2015 Post 3: Three Weeks Out Update!

Well, it’s been a busy week of MPA preparations as our state final is now quickly approaching! Have you bought your ticket yet?!

I’ve been a busy girl trying to purchase the last few things I need and have also began putting together my routines for each round: day wear, swimwear, lingerie and last but not least- my talent!

Before the workshop I was feeling incredibly nervous and unsure what to expect, but those emotions have since merged into a huge wave of excitement!
This is definitely due to having met all the lovely ladies I’ll be sharing the stage with. All of whom, are supportive and encouraging. It really doesn’t feel like a competitive environment at all (like one may think.)

My routines need a lot of work before I’ll be happy with them…Hell, let’s be realistic: I probably won’t be happy with them as that is just my personality!

But the main thing is I get out there with confidence.
Fake it ’til you make it is how the saying goes, right?

I’d love to share some outfits with you, but I want to keep it a surprise until the big night. Talk about building suspense!
Over the long weekend I am planning on some actual dress rehearsals so I can see if anything I am planning simply won’t work in the outfits I’ll be wearing.
The more I practice, the more I’ll embed the routines in my head too.

As you can see, just a quick post for today. The working week is consuming me a lot at the moment and I’m finding by the time I get home from work it’s too cold, dark and all motivation I feel when I’m sitting at my desk during the day has disappeared!

I’ll have more on the weekend when I’ve had a chance to power through what remains on my MPA to do list! Perhaps even a little video too!

Stay tuned and happy hump day!



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