Lucy Luxe does Viva Las Vegas! Part 9: On Show at the VLV Fashion Show!

If you told me I would have the opportunity to model for The Pretty Dress Company, I would not have believed you! Alas, dreams DO come true as that’s exactly what I’ve spent today doing! Definitely one of those moments I thought about giving myself a light slap just to make sure I hadn’t dosed off and dreamt it! Yesterday we had a rehearsal run through in the space and found out all the beautiful items we would have the pleasure of wearing as well as meeting all those amazing people involved in the fashion show. A big thanks to all of those behind the scenes making this part of the event possible! I had the pleasure of wearing a beautiful halter navy patterned number and a navy wiggle covered in lemons! I was feeling prepared and excited after the rehearsal and thankfully the real deal went off without a hitch! I found myself wishing the ladies backstage “chookas”…and then explaining it’s Australian meaning of “good luck/break a leg”. It has nothing to do with fried chicken as one may interpret! I’ve not done much runway style modeling at all but it was really fun! I think so long as one appears confident and as though they are having a good time then surely you can’t go wrong! It was awesome watching all the ladies totally own it up on stage showing off the gorgeous goodies! LOVEFROM__ LL_Signature_Gif_CROP

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