Lucy Luxe does Viva Las Vegas! Part 6: Learning from the loveliest of ladies!

Knowing that I’m attending Viva has given me the perfect opportunity to finally take a leap and do things I’ve been thinking about doing or been wanting to improve for a long time! For example, you remember me mentioning earlier in my blog how much grief my long locks give me? Well, I thought what better a time than to try and learn some skills from the talented women around me, then right now?!

I remember watching my very first Cherry Dollface hair tutorial video gosh…maybe around five or six years ago after her channel was recommended to me by a fellow uni student. These videos turned my half-arsed attempts at hair into something much more inspiring and I’ve definitely gotten better with practice and watching further videos. I also remember the first time I was really happy with how my victory rolls looked thanks to the guidance of one of Cherry’s videos! I’ve always been grateful for that recommendation and am hoping I might have the pleasure of getting to Cherry’s workshop at Greazefest later this year so I can see this babe work her magic in the flesh! It’s also dawning on me I may be lucky enough to meet her a week from now at Viva! :O

Given that for me, my main issue is my length, I thought I’d invest some time with the one and only long-locked temptress that is Jacqueline Furey! Jac welcomed me into her home and spent a couple of hours going through some styles really useful to long-haired ladies.

A lot of the vintage styles you see really are suited to shorter locks and I always find it hard if I pop some pretty rolls in the front, then what do I do with all my length at the back!

This session with Jac was definitely a good investment and one I’d recommend to other local, long-locked ladies! Jac’s hair always looks amazing so I knew she was a sure-fire bet. Pretty sure she is actually a real like mermaid…

*Photo by KTB: @ktbsaysrelax

Follow Jacqueline at: @jacqueline_furey

After the session I actually made some time to just sit and fiddle with my hair (which I always TALK about doing and never actually do) and even that felt good! I have a small pool of styles I can pull from for the different Viva events. I’m trying to just go with the flow and see what the hair feels like doing on any given day!

As for makeup, I’ve always been one to do my own from quite a young age. I was a little dancer growing up but I was somewhat late to start at age 11. Though this was a bonus, as I was old enough to experiment with my own makeup. I totally did not have a typical dance mum and I’m glad I was able to learn these skills myself. I will admit there was a point I actually used a glue stick to adhere glitter to my eyelids…It would seem the obsession began from a young age!

Sadly nowadays, I tend to do a few very similar looks on repeat and find myself wishing I could spend hours on YouTube watching videos and learning new skills. But its always a matter of a lack of time to fit it in!

After having my makeup done on two occasions by the talented Melody Caitlin, I was so happy with the result! This woman’s cut crease is to die for, so she was the person I went running to when wanting a lesson!

Melody came over to my place and walked me through both the process and the products she recommended and uses. Naturally, I’m a process kinda gal so I found this incredibly handy! Melody even made me a hand out after the lesson so I had a step by step guide to practice with. If you want to up your skills, book a session with Melody. I highly recommend it!

*Melody’s magic! Shot by Belle Vous Boudoir: @brisbane_boudoir

Follow Melody at: @melodycaitlinmua

Now, here’s hoping I can make myself look half decent with these new and developing skills! If all else fails, you’ll hear me cursing from a bathroom near you!



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