Lucy Luxe does Viva Las Vegas! Post 12: The Viva Experience! 

It’s time to wrap up my Viva Las Vegas 20 experience and I’m thrilled to recap all the fun I had at my very first VLV!

The last I left you I was just about to head on down to the car show and meet and greet some Viva goers and boy, was it fun! Naturally my ladies and I (in our matching pink outfits) gravitated towards a perfect ’59 pink caddy owned by lovely Lorraine and John *insert drool here! It must have wound up looking intentional because before we knew it, we were a photo opportunity for lots of people passing by. It was a great way to meet and interact with lots of different individuals which is something the journo in me really enjoys! It really was incredible to see how far and wide people had come from to be a part of VLV!

Photo by Abe Lojero 

Special mention must be made to my amazing Aussie support crew: Katrina, Kirsty, Diamond, Dan and my David who all got in on motivating the masses and encouraging people to vote for their favourite pinup! I couldn’t have done this without you guys. Kirsty: I didn’t know about your spruiking skills but girl, you owned it!  

The morning just flew by and before I knew it, it was time to head on back to the room and get changed into my gorgeous contest dress. Katrina headed back with me to ensure everything went to plan and no stressful moments occurred! I popped on my beautiful Cappella Jane Glamour gown all my gorgeous burly girls back home had made for me while getting ready just so I could feel the support of them all there with me!

Dressed and ready, we headed back down to the car show to check in with all the other finalists and prepare to head up for our shiny moment on stage. Speaking of shiny, Rockwell had arrived in what can only be described as a diamond of a dress. This woman would sparkle even in a potato sack but damn, she looked stunning. Rockwell briefed us for what was to come, gave us our order of appearance and provided us with our question. 

My question was why I had entered the contest again for a third time and I knew exactly what I wanted to say and was just hoping it would come out similar to what I was thinking in my head. I found out after the contest that my friends could see me going over it by the side of the stage which they thought was cute and I thought was embarrassing! But I wanted to ensure I used my moment and said what was important to me! I felt incredibly nervous (which is odd as getting up on stage certainly isn’t new to me). The lovely Lily asked me whether I still got the butterflies and the answer is most definitely yes! 

It was finally contest time as I watched Rockwell head on up to the stage to introduce the judges before welcoming me up as the first finalist. I was nervous about my sneaky dress reveal and hoped it would go to plan and judging from reactions of people in the crowd it shocked and delighted as I’d hoped it would! 
Coppelia Jane did such a marvellous job on my transitional gown and my request to have a dress that changed in both silhouette and colour! I figured if I only had a few seconds on stage, I wanted to do something unique and really me and I was so pleased with it coming to fruition after a lot of planning and creating care of Coppelia! 

Photos by Tim Hunter.

Next up was the question answering to which I responded:

“Pinup allows me to transform so much like the dress you’ve seen me wearing today, pinup helps me go from subtle and soft to sexy and strong! So standing here today and re-entering Viva is not only a huge personal achievement for me, but it also helps me to show women all around the world that this need not be just a dream, it can be a reality for them as well.”

Photos by Tim Hunter 

Thankfully no word vomit came out and I was able to say what I was hoping to which was important to me.

I then had the pleasure of watching all the other ladies appear on stage and answer their own questions and I found myself thinking how glad I was I wasn’t a judge! How do you decide from such a bunch of beautiful women who all have so much to offer?!
For this reason, I was incredibly honoured to be awarded best wardrobe! What a huge compliment to my designer Coppelia for bringing my vision to life! 

The lovely Lily White was awarded Best Hair, Heloise Bow Flapper with Best Makeup and then our leading ladies: 2nd Runner Up to the Dutch Pinup, 1st Runner up to Dariel Dearlove and Miss Viva Las Vegas 20 Miss Monique Sweet! 

Photo by Tim Hunter 

At this point I already felt so sad it was all over despite the feeling of excitement. How had it all come and gone so quickly?! Both the Contest and almost Viva too! I think the only thing I’d want to change would be getting to spend more time in person with my fellow finalists. The experience came and went so quickly and despite conversing with all these wonderful women for months in the lead up, I didn’t get enough face time with them! This is something I really want to do my part to change within my own local group! So often we only ever see each other at events when there is so much else going on and not much opportunity to actually catch up or get to know one another better on a deeper level. 

Thank you to all the amazing people in my life who really got behind me in my Viva Las Vegas dream. There were so many people who bought a shirt, shared my posts, gave me gifts, wished me well and were in general just so supportive of me and it is because of you all, that this became a reality. Thank you all so much.
Special mention is also required for the diamond dame, the one and only Rockwell who makes this experience possible. You are queen! 

Photo by Abe Lojero 

As for Viva as a whole, all I can say is WOW! Attending an event of this scale just reiterates how important pinup and rockabilly culture has become for me over the years and it really feels quite special to be a part of something this big and this awesome. I can’t wait to attend again already! 

One component I particularly loved, was being able to wear and showcase some of my vintage gems that with all work and no play, don’t get the out of closet time they deserve! 

As I mentioned earlier in the blog, I’d prepared an outfit spreadsheet so I could pack wisely and not run the risk of leaving that perfect matching accessory at home! It also took the thought and stress out of it at the event when every moment is precious! I am an avid planner so this is just how I like to roll.

Viva, it’s been an absolute blast! I hope this blog acts as a useful resource for any other ladies considering entering the contest or maybe even considering getting involved with pinup in any capacity. I still remember buying my first repro style dress and now pinup has brought so much positivity into my life and helped me grow into the woman I am today. The growth just keeps on coming too and this is sometjing I want other women to have the pleasure of experiencing for themselves. If this little Aussie lady can do it, anyone can! 

*Check out all the outfits I sported at Viva below, including the cute bathing suit I wore in the swimsuit contest held the one and only pool party. 

Day 1 – Day wear

Vintage Dress- an eBay score! 

Day 1 – Evening wear.

Tiki time! Dress by Red Ruby Vintage. 

Day 2 – Day wear. 

Vintage Dress from Vintage Hippy.

Day 2 – Day wear 2!

Vintage Dress borrowed from my beautiful friend the Sapphire Siren! 

Day 2 – Meet and Greet Evening wear from Butchwax Vintage.

Day 3 – Car Show Lucy’s Ladies Matchy Matchy! 

Shirts designed by David Gatt.

The Lucy skirt designed and produced by Diamond Dubbellyou.

Day 3 – Contest Outfit.

Transitional dress by Coppelia Jane. 

Day 3 – Evening wear 

Prom pretty dress from Etsy.

Day 4 – Pool Party wearing the Pretty Dress Company 

Day 4 – Swimsuit Contest

Catalina Swimsuit and matching swim dress from Ooh La La. 

Lucy Luxe does Viva Las Vegas! Part 11: Car Show Cruisin and Forget Me Not Goodies!

It’s car show day and boy, am I excited?! I have some cute little goodies I am SO excited to share around today!

Given my career background, I thought long and hard about what kind of cute little things I would like to make and bring with me to gift to my fellow finalists and also when chatting to other festival goers at the one and only VLV20 car show. I wanted a little forget me not that was a little unique and encompassed who I am as a pinup.

After lots of researching, I decided on a couple of different pieces for both the ladies and gents!

Every lady needs to keep her pout pretty and what better a way than with some LUXE LIPS Lip Balm!
I did my research on how to go about making my own natural lip balm, the container options I could choose from and the kind of branding I’d like on the little lip pots!

Actually making the lip balms wouldn’t have been possible without the efforts of my man David Gatt and my good friend Diamond Dubbellyou who spent the best part of a Saturday preparing and creating the lip balms with me! It was great fun (they may dispute this comment) and I got a good arm workout from grating the beeswax! Naturally given my love for sweets, the balms are Cotton Candy scented.

I gave these pretties to my fellow finalist ladies at the Meet and Greet last night, paired with a little golden wand to wish away the pre contest worries, labelled with a (sparkly) name tag and a little note to each of ladies. I’m a pretty big softy and I really like to take the time on small and personal gestures as I feel like we see a lot less of these things nowadays. As technology makes communication much easier, it also seems to become much less personal and also risks appearing a lot less genuine. 

I had a tonne of fun designing each of the labels and putting them together by hand. I wanted lots of gold and red in line with the VLV logo and I was happy with how much glitter featured in the end result. I completely forgot to take a photo of all the little keepsakes though! I’ll have to rely on the ladies to show you what these pretties looked like! 
For the gents, what about a little Lucy to liven up the back window of that sweet ride of yours! With the blessing of the beautiful Holly West, I had this classic pinup image turned into a sticker! I feel like being on a sticker (even when you’ve had them made yourself) is definitely something worth giving yourself a pat on the back for! 😛

It’s fitting the first person to put a sticker on their car was one of my biggest supporters: my beautiful Pop. Here he is with the sticker on the “stump jumper”.

I will note, I’m all for any guys who want to beat the chap and have some Luxe Lips of their own or any ladies who want a Little Lucy on their ride. Gifts for all! ❤

I’m super lucky to have had a little Aussie Posse along with me on this once in a lifetime trip and we thought we should ensure we all looked the part! My amazing David brought my daydreams to life in the form of “Lucy’s Ladies and Lucy’s Lads” T-shirts! Sadly David didn’t get on board with wearing a “Lucy’s Lover” T-shirt as Diamond had suggested. Hehe! Special mention needs to be made for David who spent many hours with me designing ALL of the things. Hopefully I wasn’t a troublesome client!

Though the t-shirts we originally only designed just for us to wear at the actual event in Vegas, I was surprised when chatting about it with friends that some of crew back in Australia were interested in wearing them in support of me also. To my further surprise, I ended up having enough demand to order over 30 of my shirts for both ladies and lads back home! Talk about chuffed! I was genuinely blown away by the people in my life, their genuine interest and desire to support me in this venture! A couple of people even asked if I would sign their shirts for them! This is the first time I’ve done this and considering I am very much a plain-Jane, just your average girl it certainly made me feel quite special and loved!

In keeping with my continuing desire to express this thanks in a personalised way, I wanted to individually wrap the shirts and write notes to those who had opted in! It was a wonderful opportunity to really reflect on how many beautiful people I have in my life and the role they have played in my journey from when I first found pinup years ago. I encouraged people to wear and share their shirts on their social media so I could be reminded of them all and feel like I had a piece of them all with me at the event! If only I could have actually packed them all in my suitcase! I also had a social post of the shirt for those who weren’t wearing it on their bodies but that also wanted to share! Thank you to each and every one of you for being so behind me. I would never have even reached this opportunity without you and the role each of you have played in my journey and in shaping me!

Then, when I thought people couldn’t possibly get ANY more supportive, Diamond offered to make all of us ladies matching harlequin print skirts! Um, YES! A thousand times yes! Thank you for this beautiful gesture gorgeous. I truly appreciate it and the amazing assistance you have been fielding my many wardrobe inquiries!

Finished off with a handful of flyers each, we are ready to hit the car show and get chatting. I’ve learned from my mother and could definitely talk under water so I’m really keen for the opportunity to get out and get mingling! It’s really nice to be able to meet new people and give them a little token from this little ol’ pinup all the way from Oz! Let’s do this!!!


Lucy Luxe does Viva Las Vegas! Part 10: Meeting and Greeting at VLV20

Oh what a night! I spent my evening last night surrounded by some truly beautiful souls and I simply couldn’t be happier! What better a way to spend a Friday evening than with a bunch of glamorous and gorgeous women who I’ve spent months looking forward to meeting?!

Attending the VLV Pin Up Contest Meet and Greet last night was so incredibly surreal. I’ve seen photos from previous meet and greets and just never thought it would be me here having the pleasure of meeting all of these amazing idols. I’m still shocked even though it’s actually happened.

I wanted to prepare a little something for my gorgeous finalist ladies to give to them when finally meeting them! But I’ll talk a bit more about these in my next post!

I’m a little nervous but mostly excited to get up on stage. To me, today is kind of like one big massive thank you to all of the people who have played a part in my pinup experience. I wouldn’t be here without you and that is truly what it’s all about to me: Supporting each other and falicitating and celebrating personal growth!



Lucy Luxe does Viva Las Vegas! Part 9: On Show at the VLV Fashion Show!

If you told me I would have the opportunity to model for The Pretty Dress Company, I would not have believed you! Alas, dreams DO come true as that’s exactly what I’ve spent today doing! Definitely one of those moments I thought about giving myself a light slap just to make sure I hadn’t dosed off and dreamt it!
Yesterday we had a rehearsal run through in the space and found out all the beautiful items we would have the pleasure of wearing as well as meeting all those amazing people involved in the fashion show. A big thanks to all of those behind the scenes making this part of the event possible!

I had the pleasure of wearing a beautiful halter navy patterned number and a navy wiggle covered in lemons! 

I was feeling prepared and excited after the rehearsal and thankfully the real deal went off without a hitch! I found myself wishing the ladies backstage “chookas”…and then explaining it’s Australian meaning of “good luck/break a leg”. It has nothing to do with fried chicken as one may interpret!

I’ve not done much runway style modeling at all but it was really fun! I think so long as one appears confident and as though they are having a good time then surely you can’t go wrong! It was awesome watching all the ladies totally own it up on stage showing off the gorgeous goodies!


Lucy Luxe does Viva Las Vegas! Part 8: Pinup flying high!

It’s finally here! Time to blow this joint, jump on a plane and get my butt to Vegas for the biggest Rockabilly event EVER! My bags are packed, I’m bringing more than my own weight in luggage and I am ready for the best four days of my life meeting lots of incredible new people!

I’m not going to chat for long but I’m going to use this post to talk about a few random travel essentials I have on board my flight with me today!

I’ve only flown long haul once before this and I made the mistake of wearing jeans. This time, I’m being smart! In a bid to be both comfortable but still stylin’, I’m rocking the worlds most comfortable leopard print pants. They could pass as PJ pants but I’m hoping the fact they are leopard print saves me. To team with the theme, I’m also sporting my leopard print neck pillow and my leopard print eye mask: MATCHING!

I strangely like to sleep with a pillow over my head (don’t even ask me why because I can’t make sense of it) but when I travel, a large scarf works better to wrap my noggin up like a burrito. Said scarf is also leopard print today because all leopard print, all the time.

I’m actually intolerant to a bunch of foods (yes, even some cake ingredients despite how much I still insist on eating it) so I’ve packed some safe snacks and have requested a special “bland” meal (sounds appetising doesn’t it) on todays flight. Im hoping this will mean I arrive feeling fine and fabulous!

I positively HATE sitting still (I will be walking circles around the airport just to keep myself occupied for two hours) so I need some things to keep me occupied; I’ve loaded Tara Moss’ book onto my ipad as well as a couple of movies and I’m thinking I may use my ipad do to a bit of writing and keep my mind active as well. I’m hoping this will also tire my hyperactive mind and I’ll be able to get some sleep on this flight!

This is also my first opportunity to introduce you to Lucy doll who’ll be joining us for the festivities on the trip! Often small children like a toy to accompany them on their travels and I am no exception!

That’s enough random travel facts for you! I’ve got a flight to catch! See you in Las Vegas!


Lucy Luxe does Viva Las Vegas! Part 7: Pinup Planning and Packing!

Today marks just ONE MORE DAY until I’ll be departing Australia en-route to Las Vegas to attend the biggest rockabilly weekender in the world and to say I’m excited is an understatement!

What I’m somewhat less excited about, is fitting all of my pretty outfits in my suitcases! David doesn’t know it just yet, but he’s likely going to need to share his baggage allowance with me a little. Guys only pack one t shirt and one pair of pants though right, so we should be sweet 😛

I’m one of those weird people who kind of LOVES organising and as such, I have been prepping a (rather lengthy) packing list over the past few weeks so I don’t miss anything important. Anything comes to mind and boom, pop it on the list and relax. I also read someone suggest in the VLV group that taking not only planning all of your outfits, but taking photos of them can be really handy. This amazing woman had also gone as far as actually putting them on AND also styling her hair the way she intended as well. This is the kind of organisation that really gets me going! Sadly, I just didn’t have time to photograph myself in all the outfits with my hair did as well! I did photograph my outfits with their shoes and accessories though as that means it’s less that my jet lagged brain needs to think about once I’ve touched down in Vegas! Also, who even needs an excuse to make a spreadsheet am I right?!

Speaking of which, I’m a big list writing kind of gal and regularly use the app Evernote so I have access to multiple digital lists at any one time and from various devices. It’s super handy and I’d totally recommend it if, like me, you get some sort of sick pleasure from organising anything. I pretty much AM Monica from friends, just an FYI!

In writing my whopping big list, I realised I want to bring far too much with me! I’ve also acquired far more outfits than I actually need or could physically wear over the span of four days which is pretty amusing! Trying to pick the ones I want to pack the most has certainly been difficult, though I could think of worse problems than too many clothes to choose from! I’m looking forward to chatting about the outfits I finally decide on after the event so stay tuned for that blog post-Viva!

But for now, I’ve got my suitcases at the ready and I’m about to work my way down the list and test the theory as to whether I can in fact pack everything but the kitchen sink for this trip 😛

Wish me luck!


Lucy Luxe does Viva Las Vegas! Part 6: Learning from the loveliest of ladies!

Knowing that I’m attending Viva has given me the perfect opportunity to finally take a leap and do things I’ve been thinking about doing or been wanting to improve for a long time! For example, you remember me mentioning earlier in my blog how much grief my long locks give me? Well, I thought what better a time than to try and learn some skills from the talented women around me, then right now?!

I remember watching my very first Cherry Dollface hair tutorial video gosh…maybe around five or six years ago after her channel was recommended to me by a fellow uni student. These videos turned my half-arsed attempts at hair into something much more inspiring and I’ve definitely gotten better with practice and watching further videos. I also remember the first time I was really happy with how my victory rolls looked thanks to the guidance of one of Cherry’s videos! I’ve always been grateful for that recommendation and am hoping I might have the pleasure of getting to Cherry’s workshop at Greazefest later this year so I can see this babe work her magic in the flesh! It’s also dawning on me I may be lucky enough to meet her a week from now at Viva! :O

Given that for me, my main issue is my length, I thought I’d invest some time with the one and only long-locked temptress that is Jacqueline Furey! Jac welcomed me into her home and spent a couple of hours going through some styles really useful to long-haired ladies. 

A lot of the vintage styles you see really are suited to shorter locks and I always find it hard if I pop some pretty rolls in the front, then what do I do with all my length at the back! 

This session with Jac was definitely a good investment and one I’d recommend to other local, long-locked ladies! Jac’s hair always looks amazing so I knew she was a sure-fire bet. Pretty sure she is actually a real like mermaid…

*Photo by KTB: @ktbsaysrelax

Follow Jacqueline at: @jacqueline_furey

After the session I actually made some time to just sit and fiddle with my hair (which I always TALK about doing and never actually do) and even that felt good! I have a small pool of styles I can pull from for the different Viva events. I’m trying to just go with the flow and see what the hair feels like doing on any given day!

As for makeup, I’ve always been one to do my own from quite a young age. I was a little dancer growing up but I was somewhat late to start at age 11. Though this was a bonus, as I was old enough to experiment with my own makeup. I totally did not have a typical dance mum and I’m glad I was able to learn these skills myself. I will admit there was a point I actually used a glue stick to adhere glitter to my eyelids…It would seem the obsession began from a young age! 

Sadly nowadays, I tend to do a few very similar looks on repeat and find myself wishing I could spend hours on YouTube watching videos and learning new skills. But its always a matter of a lack of time to fit it in! 

After having my makeup done on two occasions by the talented Melody Caitlin, I was so happy with the result! This woman’s cut crease is to die for, so she was the person I went running to when wanting a lesson! 

Melody came over to my place and walked me through both the process and the products she recommended and uses. Naturally, I’m a process kinda gal so I found this incredibly handy! Melody even made me a hand out after the lesson so I had a step by step guide to practice with. If you want to up your skills, book a session with Melody. I highly recommend it!

*Melody’s magic! Shot by Belle Vous Boudoir: @brisbane_boudoir

Follow Melody at: @melodycaitlinmua

Now, here’s hoping I can make myself look half decent with these new and developing skills! If all else fails, you’ll hear me cursing from a bathroom near you!