Cake & Lace

Sultry, sweet and good enough to eat, Cake & Lace is bound to make you ache for something baked.

Combining her love of lingerie and sugar-laden treats, Lucy Luxe believes you can have your cake, and your lacy knickers too. After all, luxurious underwear is like frosting for the body, a sugar coating, if you will.

Embracing the skin she’s in and baking up a storm sporting her unmentionables in the kitchen, Lucy hopes this scrumptious series will leave you wanting more than just one slice.

Episode 1

Welcome to Cake & Lace!

Episode 2

Baking in Lingerie for Boobs

Episode 3

Baking in Lingerie for Halloween

Episode 4

Baking in Lingerie for Pride, Equality and Love!

Episode 5

Baking in Lingerie for National Cake Day

Episode 6

Baking brownies in lingerie!

Episode 7

All I want for Christmas is…CAKE!

Episode 8

Fairy Bread is still just as good as an adult…

Episode 9
Lucy’s Birthday Bash. The dress code?…Lingerie of course!

Episode 10
Valentine’s Day! Hold the roses, I’d rather cake please!

Episode 11
Pancakes comin’ right up!

Episode 12
You can’t go past a good old-fashioned choccie cake!

Episode 13
Baby cupcakes are even cuter than normal cupcakes!

Episode 14
Baking one eggsellent cake for Easter!

Episode 15
My milkshakes be bringing all the boys to the kitchen!

Episode 16:
Had time to whip  up a quick cake on my wedding day…

Episode 17:
A different kind of ice cream cake!

Episode 18:
A ridiculously large donut cake for National Donut Day!

Episode 19:
CheeseCAKE and Lace!

Episode 20:
Black Forest for World Chocolate Day!

Episode 21:
Cake pops to celebrate Cake & Lace turning 21!