Cupid was armed with a loaded bow but what happens when your quiver is empty? This showgirl may be all out of arrows, but she’ll give it her best shot to find a way into your heart, and leave you lovestruck.
Will she hit her target or miss the mark?


We’re often encouraged to stop and smell the roses, though this garden has only one rose left. Since her petaled companions left her to bloom alone, she’s longing for some attention. Come and admire the last rose of summer.


Hot and salty, or perhaps saucy is more to your taste?
So bad they’re good. You know you really shouldn’t, but that almost makes you want them more. You say you’ll stop at one…but you know you can’t help yourself.

Forget striptease; this… is Chiptease.


Striking, sparkly and sensuous, Lucy is here to tempt, tease and please in this routine that pays homage to something we all know and love; the thong.

Kicked off the showgirl squad for being too cheeky (in the most literal sense) Lucy is feeling a little bit scandalous…
Are you sure you can handle it?


Lavish, meaning sumptuously rich, elaborate and luxurious.

Because you can never be TOO glamorous.


Step right up folks! Are you ready for a night at the circus? Ladies, gentleman and everyone in between… but definitely not children of all ages, it’s time to enter the big top of tease. The Ring Master normally runs the show but tonight, our master wanted to thrill with some skills of her own…


Inspired by the television show: I Dream of Jeannie.

Though it turns out you can’t simply “think and blink”
your clothes off, Lucy found a work around!


They say you should have your cake and eat it too, but we deserve more than just one slice: How about the entire cake?

Lucy has cooked up the ultimate sweet soirée for you to devour at this celebration. Oh and don’t forget the dress code for this party: Your very best birthday suit.

Time to cut the cake and celebrate!


Burlesque is a constant struggle between sexy…And sweaty.
You might need to check your temperature, because things are about to get hot.

Lillian Lace

Lucy Luxe adds sophistication and glam to any event. Combined with her stunning costume and choreography, she leaves audiences spellbound. An absolute professional to work with, we would welcome her back at Vanguard Burlesque any time.

Lila Luxx
The Bombshell
Burlesque Academy

Lucy Luxe is one of the most polished and professional artists I have had the pleasure to work with.

On stage, she is elegant, exciting and will fill you with joy as she shares her passion with you under lights.  Behind the scenes, Lucy is a compassionate artist with a heart of gold, always ready to help wherever needed. 

As Dolly Parton once said, it’s hard to be a diamond in a rhinestone world, but Lucy Luxe makes the sparkling look effortless.

Sunshine Daisy
Student and Performer
The Bombshell Burlesque Academy

I always feel at ease with Lucy as a burlesque tutor, as she comes prepared with choreography and a detailed list of costume requirements to help even the newest of students. I am amazed at how Lucy genuinely listens to each student, responds in a caring way and hopes everyone meets their goals for the term while celebrating the journey that has brought them to The Bombshell Burlesque Academy.
Classes with Lucy are always a wonderful time, as for just an hour you are swept up in a sparkly world leaving behind whatever “real life” stressors you have. I’ve always left class with a huge grin and feeling absolutely giddy!

Alyssa Kitt
The Australian
Burlesque Museum

Lucy Luxe is a perfect pinup with a veritable slew of titles under her garterbelt. Every reveal glimmers another moment of heart-pounding falling in love that has the audience sighing sweet l’amour.