resized_img_0656-upupw-20160402-edit thongsongtitle
A classic burlesque routine to the Post Modern Jukebox version of Sisqos’s rap classic: The Thong Song.

Striking, sparkly and sensuous, Lucy the showgirl is here to tempt, tease and please in this routine that pays homage to something we all know and love: The thong.

Kicked off the showgirl squad for being too cheeky (in the most literal sense) Lucy is a feeling little bit scandalous… Are you sure you can handle it?




Lucy 2017-1752-EditLavishLuxeTitle
A classic burlesque striptease to  slow and sensual tunes, finished off with energetic big band.

Lavish: Sumptuously rich, elaborate and luxurious.

It’s safe to say Lucy has the glamour taken care of…Now she just needs someone to share in the love and luxury.





LowResDTS (9) TheMasterTitle
An upbeat, sexy showgirl inspired burlesque routine with a circus inspired twist.

Step right up folks! Are you ready for a night at the circus? Ladies and gentleman… but definitely not children of all ages, it’s time to enter the big top of tease. The Ring Master normally runs the show but tonight, our master wanted to thrill with some skills of her own…




LowResJoelDeveruex (1)TheLastRose

A sultry strut, slink and strip traditional routine.

We’re often encouraged to stop and smell the roses, though this garden has only one rose left. Since her petalled companions left her to bloom alone, she’s longing for some attention. Come and admire the last rose of summer.





A neo striptease to the one and only Beyonce tune.

This evening, Lucy has arrived home from a glamorous night on the town and is dying to slip into something a little more comfortable.
Sweet or sultry…What will Lucy be tonight?





Photo by Jill Kerswillalivetitle
A neo number to Sia’s Alive.

She was born in a thunderstorm; a place where all the demons go and nothing grows. But she’s risen from the darkness and is here to show you, she’ll never be forgotten. She’s still breathing….She’s alive.